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15-01-2004, 11:55:57

Interesting article. I have nearly bought a Gamecube several times due to cheapness but there isn't really a killer title (for me) to justify it. But that's probably because I haven't played some of the really good Cube games.

Basically as I'm getting a console mostly for the latest version of PES I'll probably stick with whatever consoles Konami go to for the next version.

Scabrous Birdseed
15-01-2004, 13:46:38
It is very dangerous to understand Nintendo. It has been profitable games company for a long time

David Cole, DFC Intelligence


15-01-2004, 13:48:27

I work with a David Cole!

15-01-2004, 18:39:53
DFC - Dutch Fried Chicken?

03-02-2004, 14:30:52
I bought the gamecube because my g/f likes the nintendo type games. And I must say that mario kart double dash is a great game, very addictive and fun, especially when playing with two or more people. I was put off at first by the 'childish' graphics, but the gameplay is great.

03-02-2004, 15:31:08
How many years is this generation going to be known as "next-gen", and what are the PS2 and Xbox2 to be called?

I was hoping this would be an article on the Xbox2's 3-CPU PowerPC 970 (G5) brain with an ATI R500-based video chip and 512MB of GDDR3. ;)

04-02-2004, 01:59:57
Certainly if Sony and Nintendo keep not getting the good games like KOTOR, it'll be an xbox I buy. Nintendo especially.

Even if it's powered by a P4 1.5Gig with 512DDR and a GeForce3.

Console power seems basically irrelevant at the moment. You can get Splinter Cell for the Playstation2, that sums it all up perfectly.

04-02-2004, 15:25:53
Yeah, as always gameplay beats console performance every time.

Stuff like KOTOR doesn't sell consoles does it?

04-02-2004, 15:48:33
hmm, being that it was a Star Wars license and exclusive to the Xbox for quite a while, It probably sold a few. ;)

04-02-2004, 16:18:13
I didn't actually know you could get it on console, thought it was a PC thing.

I thought the main console sellers are things like sports games, beat-em-ups and racing games.

04-02-2004, 16:37:12
[churchhill dog]oh yes[/churchill dog]

not saying it was the main selling point which quite obviously it wasn't just that it probably helped.

04-02-2004, 16:51:57
I'm sure they'd rather have GTA Vice City. :)

04-02-2004, 17:36:35
which of course they do now (with GTA3 in a doublepack) ;)

04-02-2004, 20:56:35
KOTOR came out on Xbox ~6 months before the PC.

A similar thing is going to happen for Bioware's next game due out this year. Xbox exclusive for 6 months, PC port later.

Halo 2 is also due out this year, with a shoddy PC port three years later. ;)

04-02-2004, 21:02:40
Obviously Microsoft weren’t happy with that deal.

I mean. Er.