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14-01-2004, 15:12:59
My stupid ass brother in law has been fiddling with my computer, installing kazaa. And all of a sudden I'm redirected to a certian webpage called PerfectNav, when a site is not available. I hate it when things are secretly installed, and don't come with an uninstall option. :shoot:

14-01-2004, 16:37:24
You have xp right?...Make yours the only admin account with a really good password on it. Let all the others just have user accounts. Won't solve your current prob, but will help keep him from screwing things up.

14-01-2004, 16:53:02
well, after some googling I found that if you uninstall kazaa first, you can delete that program. Still not sure if it's gone for real.

14-01-2004, 17:36:23
Try something like "spybot search and destroy" and or "ad aware"
They can help find and get rid of crap like that.

14-01-2004, 17:46:10
Format your drive and reinstall the operating system. It's the only way to be sure.

14-01-2004, 18:55:14

14-01-2004, 18:56:50
IIRC, Spybot S&D and Ad Aware both spot all the Kazaa installed spy-ware.

Drekkus, why would you ever allow your brother-in-law to use your computer unsupervised? I am guessing he just started it up and was off the to races... one system account set up, right?

14-01-2004, 18:57:43
You know, that's some brother in law. Does his piracy downloading on someone else's machine. Is he a lawyer, by any chance? ;)

14-01-2004, 19:53:36
:lol: Almost, yes. Finishing law school.

And he did a lot more shit on my computer. One thing they don't learn in law school is how to work the History button in Internet Explorer. :D But running Ad Aware give 171 hits, in just 3 days.

But he's a good boy now I told him that I can see everything he does on the computer.

14-01-2004, 23:58:49
You must have a good medical system there...
I thought broken fingers would take longer than that to heal.


16-01-2004, 03:12:21
Originally posted by Darkstar
You know, that's some brother in law. Does his piracy downloading on someone else's machine. Is he a lawyer, by any chance? ;)

ROTFLMFAO - good call DS.

I got mine fucking tighter than most systems - and you ain't gonna screw it up by trying to do stupid shit like visiting porn sites, downloading things that get lop.com stuff, or other stuff like that installed - those sites are already in my restricted sites list in IE and that zone is locked down.

16-01-2004, 10:42:45
:lol: nice one darkstar.

18-01-2004, 13:15:31
phew... I was mildly concerned* that I had done something wrong. :)

*as stressed as I can get.

The Mad Monk
21-01-2004, 07:50:35

28-01-2004, 12:04:33
Soo, coming back on this issue:

Is there a way to record/view exactely what people have done on your pc? Via de registry? If so, how do I do that?

28-01-2004, 16:43:14
You can get software that logs keystrokes, Internet usage, apps used etc. It's not free (unless you can get it through underhanded channels, not that I'm advocating that) so it might not be that great depending on the frequency of your problem.

Better to just setup XP so that he has his own restricted account.

28-01-2004, 16:52:03
I think someone already told him to do that! :D

28-01-2004, 18:50:03
Hey, I was agreeing with you!

Let me take this opportunity to say "like zmama said"

:D :D

28-01-2004, 19:02:29
:lol: :lol:

I hope he listened that time! :D