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14-01-2004, 04:39:45
You know, I can tell how sucky last year was for games and movies... I've got a lot of cash left over from last years toys and entertainment budget. Most of it, I'm going to just waste by dropping it into investments, but a good chunk of it, I'm going to use to get a new computer toy.

Now, I'm not looking to get a new game/big box yet. I've been eyeing the Tablets since they first came out. But, I just cannot see buying a tablet until it's actually a better machine then my current notebook. They still have another 6 months to a year to go to do that.

I've got a nice Pocket PC. But, I get aggravated with not being able to use all my data files on it. And I really dislike having to convert all my word docs. So... I've been eyeing this:

A "lego" PC that you can use as a handheld (with all your Windows apps and data files, no conversion or different software) and/or as a desktop. I'd prefer to also get a notebook/tablet shell for it, but at the moment, they don't seem to be marketing that.

I've looked into the other "highly" mobile pcs... its either not made yet (OQO has been delayed now for over 3 years), or just the equivalent of my Pocket PC (PPC) machine in CPU, inferior to my PPC in storage and ram, but at the cost between 4K to 6K... and mind you, my PPC is now over working on that 18 months old (in other words, a full generation behind the current new models).

Any comments?

14-01-2004, 07:12:10
You want a game/big box like mine.

14-01-2004, 09:22:03
You just don't bother reading, do you Ash?

14-01-2004, 09:29:41
Or maybe I do, and you're just kinda dense.

14-01-2004, 09:30:17
Hell, I even used your words exactly -- how much more obvious do I have to make it for you Southerners?

14-01-2004, 10:11:20
I was seriously poking fun at you, Ash. I should have inserted hockey, mullets or beer into that statement for you to understand that, I see.

And the primary purpose of any serious machine at home should be games. You don't need serious sand power to check your email or post on this forum...

14-01-2004, 17:42:37
Get a Shuttle mini-PC or a custom built mini-ITX machine (http://www.mini-itx.com/), some honking great batteries and stick them in a backback. Then, get one of those eyepiece monitor thingies (or a laser retina painter :D), a 3D gyroscopic mouse, one of them 5-button single hand keyboards and a pair of headphones.

Voila! A portable full-powered PC :)

Resource Consumer
14-01-2004, 18:51:32
You can buy Shakey's old one off him for 5

14-01-2004, 18:54:09
Humm... about half the cost of most wearable PCs is the display... usually run between 1K to 20K, depending on the quality and battery life.

No need for honking great batteries for wearables, either... I'm just not interested in a wearable that is running Windows 98 and running at 500 MHz, utilizing a whopping 128 Meg Ram and a 400 Meg HD! Next generation of wearables is due... at about the 1 GHz to 1.4 GHz running Windows XP with 512 Meg Ram, with a 40 to 80 Gig HD. Much more suited to running "modern" applications.

And I have a 3D gyroscopic mouse. I'm considering a FrogPad one handed, 21 Key single handed keyboard... as well as a 5DoF (Degrees of Freedom) Virtual Glove mouse. ;) I like to vary my mousing to a great degree (cuts down on the Repititive Syndrome) and I'm always looking to improve my personal comfort while keyboarding. :)

The thing that I really like about the Antelope is that in the next 9 months, it should be able to transition from a mini Tablet (their "Handheld" is about 15% bigger then current hand helds) to full sized Tab/Notebook at will, AND it will be a step up from my current handheld. Humm... Maybe I should look at cell phones and modem options.

Toys, toys... we want more toys! :)

16-01-2004, 02:23:58
bigger, better, faster, more!

16-01-2004, 10:23:15
DivX. Anything over 1GHz with decent floating point performance should be able to do DivX playback comfortably. H.264 might be the future, but DivX is now. As for DivX encoding, you could theoretically do it with a 386, but a souped-up big rig is better for the task.

VIA has been talking about souping up their processor line now that their lawsuit with Intel has been concluded. The Mini-ITX as it is now is probably good enough, but I think I'll check it out when they release their newer CPU designs with faster FSB, larger cache, and of course, more MHz.

16-01-2004, 10:57:19
What the fuck is a 3D gyroscopic mouse?

16-01-2004, 16:23:47
Gyro mouse: http://www.gyration.com/ultragt.htm

One-hand keyboard: http://www.chordite.com/ (though it seems they've gone up in the number of buttons since I last saw this concept 15 years ago)

Head mount display: http://www.headmountdisplay.com/

The honking great batteries is so you can run a decently powered computer for a decent amount of time. Of course, you could also have it A/C powered for the times you can plug it in, but who wants to do that? Just strap in 10-12 laptop batteries or something, it'll run for 24 hours before you need to shut it down :)

16-01-2004, 16:54:06
TechTV reports the OQO machine will ship this fall. Make of that what you will.

16-01-2004, 17:36:50
Yeah, I saw them feature it in their CES coverage....projected price in the $2000 range.

20-01-2004, 21:51:13
Yeah, but the OQO has already slipped back twice for at least 9 months with each slip. So I'm not going to actually consider that they'll be out this fall.

19-02-2004, 17:33:57
Another in the range of vaporware ultra-mini portable PCs running full versions of XP:


This one looks quite nice. Integrated 802.11b, low-power LCD screen on the outside to perform some functions, built-in thumb-board, optional port repicator.

Rumors are it'll be US$1500. I could seriously replace my desktop PC at work with it, or at the very least use it as a mobile support tool tied into our network in all our offices, giving me acces to my network files and email.

But, as I mentioned, it's still vaporware. However, with the number of vendors announcing tiny PCs like this increasing it'll only be a matter of time until one of them actually gets a product onto the market :)

23-03-2004, 19:18:49
Antelope is supposed to be shipping their first runs. And calling or emailing me back. But they haven't done that YET. And that's been since shortly after I started this thread.