View Full Version : I believe I can fly...

19-02-2002, 23:54:21
Ask King_R_Kelly_Ghidra.

20-02-2002, 12:14:10
hey that was good, but nothing touched my 'whiskey in a jar' even i was stunned by how good that sounded :o

Resource Consumer
20-02-2002, 12:15:27
I think both are the most appalling vomit from Satan

20-02-2002, 12:17:10
They were both great. I'm looking forward to the competition next week. No-one else put on any kind of performance for their songs...

20-02-2002, 12:26:47
they hadn't drunk as much as me :beer:

20-02-2002, 12:28:52

I have to talk to the karaoke guy about the damage he can do if he praises you...

Resource Consumer
20-02-2002, 15:31:51
Sorry. I thought you meant the originals.

*End Is Forever*
20-02-2002, 15:38:51
Ooh, karaoke, cool. :)