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Gramercy Riffs
08-01-2004, 20:34:55
Cool website which some of you may like.

Square Root Of 1 (http://www.atomless.com/sqrt-1/)

08-01-2004, 20:55:44
Square root of -1!

’s kinda…hypnotic.

08-01-2004, 20:57:40
of -1 ya mean - neat though.

I'd love to be able to add color to these things ....

Gramercy Riffs
08-01-2004, 21:00:54
Yeah, -1 sorry.

It was a link from the Boards Of Canada (http://www.boardsofcanada.com) site, also worth checking out if you like the music.

08-01-2004, 21:02:40
Ahhh - I was wondering why in the music forum, and now know.

I need to listen to BoC more....

as opposed to BOC....

The Bursar
08-01-2004, 23:28:00
Ah yes, I had this on my original link list of Weird Shit, but I never really figured out what it did before. The cyberclique I found it from was a crazy post-art collective of disturbingly clinical post-artists. It was most strange.

24-01-2004, 19:43:20
Cool site - I like it.

Petal Buzz
19-02-2004, 21:02:17
BoC make the week bearable, early stuff tremendous. Anyone for Squarepusher? 2nd to none in my humble opinion. My Brother reckons he went to school with him, though I suspect he's a lying c**t. -1 cool site btw.

20-02-2004, 04:17:02
Saw Squarepusher at Readign Festival. Funny as fuck.