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I love it! [Barkan is] the first poet of the Video Game Age.
- Jed Margolin, engineer of the Battlezone and StarWars arcade games at Atari and holder of US Patent 4,179,124: Electronic Video Game

Blue Wizard Is About To Die!: Prose, Poems and Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces About Video Games (1980-2003), the first collection of poetry about video games to ever reach a national audience (as seen in Game Informer and Stuff Magazines), is about to hit store shelves nation-wide. Already, critics in the worlds of video gaming and poetry are raving about the book.

"Though Barkan portrays the 1980's as the golden era of gaming, there is a sadness here beyond the nostalgia, irony and humor that might ultimately prove to be an adept metaphor for life itself.
- Ryan G. Van Cleave, author of Contemporary American Poetry: Behind The Scenes, editor of The Longman Anthology of Poetry, and co-editor of Like Thunder, and American Diaspora (University of Iowa Press)

Blue Wizard is a hilarious thrill ride of nostalgic recollections and re-examinations of many of the titles from the golden age of video gaming (and beyond). Billed as the beer and pretzels of poetry, Barkan twists this familiar material into a mélange of riotously funny (and sometimes poignant) vignettes. Whether portraying Mario as a Stalin-esque tyrant who rules the Mushroom Kingdom with an iron fist or using the boss characters from the first Mega Man game as the basis for a series of non-traditional haikus, Barkan’s near-psychotic sense of humor has hit home with advance readers all over the world.

"There was only one item that all Game Informer staff members gladly plopped down $15.00 for at this years Classic Gaming Expo [Blue Wizard]. If you've spent any amount of time with the titles covered [in the book], there are few things funnier in this universe."
- Game Informer Magazine

The retro-gaming fad is getting bigger and more popular among 30-somethings every day and Blue Wizard is a must-read for any video game fan or poetry enthusiast: Joust, Dragons Lair, Defender, Bushido Blade, Pac Man, Sinistar, Metal Gear Solid, Paperboy, Half-Life, (and many more) are all featured in this 160 page quality trade paperback. The modern first-person shooters Counter-Strike, Doom, and Quake also make appearances, including an ode to everyone’s least favorite aspect of playing multiplayer games online: lag.

Available in bookstores nationwide during late January/early Feb., check out the website to read reviewer quotes, excerpts, table of contents, and much, much more.


What Game and Poetry Critics Have Said About BWIATD:

"There is insight, humor, irony, and humanity to be found in these pages... If you were an Eighties arcade kid like Barkan, chances are you'll find resonance here. If you weren't, you might derive a thoughtful chuckle or three anyway."
- Marc Polonsky, author of The Poetry Reader's Toolkit

"I laughed, I cried, I took a break to play some Arkanoid. Okay, so maybe I didn't cry."
-Demian Linn, Editor-At-Large, Electronic Gaming Monthly

Visit www.twhi.org/bluewizard.htm to read excerpts and to get more info about this release.:shoot::shoot:

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