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Gramercy Riffs
02-01-2004, 18:17:46
I just finished downloading the complete discography (and I mean complete) of Aphex Twin (1,138Meg)

And it's arranged into neat little sub folders. I won't be leaving the flat for a long, long time. :bounce:

Has anyone else ever shamelessly stolen a whole artists backcatalogue and not felt the slightest bit guilty?

02-01-2004, 18:27:30
No, although I may give in and do so in he near future.

02-01-2004, 18:51:57
Does it have the remix he did of Phillip Glass’s remix of David Bowie’s Heroes?

Gramercy Riffs
02-01-2004, 18:55:24
Yeah, it has the whole of the 26 Mixes For Cash, both CD's.

02-01-2004, 19:11:31
Originally posted by Sean
Does it have the remix he did of Phillip Glass’s remix of David Bowie’s Heroes?


02-01-2004, 19:24:53
What about when he says Come, pleat?

02-01-2004, 19:35:28
Are you this happy?

Hmm, why doesn't it just show the picture?

Gramercy Riffs
02-01-2004, 19:36:51
I think that image perfectly captures my joy.

Gramercy Riffs
02-01-2004, 19:41:17
This is everything.....

26 Mixes For Cash
Live @ Sonar 2001
Acrid Avid Jams
Analogue Bubblebath 1
Analogue Bubblebath 2
Analogue Bubblebath 3
Analogue Bubblebath 4
Analogue Bubblebath 5
Come To Daddy
Come To Daddy Remixes
Gak EP
Girl Boy EP
I Care Because You Do
On Remixes EP
Richard D. James
Selected Ambient Works
Ambient Works 85-92
Hangable Autobulb 1
Hangable Autobulb 2
Ventolin EP
Words & Music

02-01-2004, 20:00:07
I'm impressed.

Scabrous Birdseed
02-01-2004, 21:38:42
I would be too if there was a single decent piece of music in any ofthe directories.

The Bursar
03-01-2004, 01:42:16
Originally posted by Gramercy Riffs

Has anyone else ever shamelessly stolen a whole artists backcatalogue and not felt the slightest bit guilty?
I did Radiohead last month.

Lazarus and the Gimp
03-01-2004, 08:28:17
I don't download music.

03-01-2004, 21:33:44
I only ever download full albums if I can find no other way to get hold of that music at a reasonable price. I occasionally download the odd track or two by artists I think I'm likely to like but have never actually heard before.

Chairman Yang
07-01-2004, 07:46:21
I have a 56k modem.

oh and, no I dont download full albums.

Gramercy Riffs
07-01-2004, 18:28:17
I don't usually download albums either., I buy many CD's frequently. If someone has made something you enjoy, it is only right that you pay them for the privillage of hearing it, but there are a few things to consider in the case of Aphex Twin.

As brilliant an artist as he is, no one can argue that some of his stuff is utter, self indulgent rubbish which sounds like (and probably was) it was made it about 5 minutes. Until now the only way to hear this stuff was to spend hours/weeks/months tracking down some obscure, long deleted EP with 4 substanded tracks (if you're lucky, often 1 track and 3 "remixes"), and then paying a small fortune for it. This, I feel, isnt on. I already owned pretty much all his stuff you can buy on CD (no record player), so it's more out of curiousity that I downloaded this. Whilst some if it is good, I'd be pretty pissed off if I'd shelled out a fair bit of money to hear it.

I do feel bad that Aphex Twin has undoubtedly lost out somewhere (though I would imagine he embraces new technology). It is his record label,publisher,distributor etc's who control the availability of his music and it isn't his fault. But nor is it mine.

07-01-2004, 18:35:25
*Raises one eyebrow Roger Moore stylee*

Like were gonna believe the words of a common thief.

Gramercy Riffs
07-01-2004, 18:43:20

Is this the same thievery that earlier led you to comment...

Originally posted by Debaser
I'm impressed.

07-01-2004, 18:45:47

*hides 7 gigs of Mp3's under floorboards*

07-01-2004, 19:28:28
I'd like to grab that off you some time, gramercy old boy