View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Motorcycle Jumper

Scabrous Birdseed
28-12-2003, 22:47:23
Whoo. I made it. With 15 bloody minutes left of the week. Finding a game this week has been absolute hell, mostly 'cause of this blasted 56k connection, and 'cause all of my usual link sites came up with nowt.

Never mind. Here is a decent and simple motorcycle jumping game, pick a speed that will allow you to jump the gap with the left and right arrow keys. Mild addiction from NationLocation, creators of the much superior City Jumper (http://www.nationlocation.com/cityJumper.htm) (featured previously).


29-12-2003, 14:26:37
Got to 1500 feet and then it got kind of boring.

29-12-2003, 14:54:40
It got a bit boring at 100 feet. :(

29-12-2003, 15:23:46
True enough. Although it was hilarious once or twice to hit full speed and send the rider flying.