View Full Version : OSX Panther

24-12-2003, 15:01:12
I know none of you fools'll give a fuck, but I've just upgraded my iMac to OSX Panther so I can run the brand new versions of Photoshop & Illustrator (an early Christmas present from my dad's mate who I used to work for briefly). Updating the OS has also had the side-effect of changing all the Counterglow/general internet system font defalts so everything looks shiney and new.

Grr, it's almost sexual.

Gramercy Riffs
24-12-2003, 15:03:12
You get presents from your parents friends who you used to work for briefly?

24-12-2003, 15:07:35
When I say "present" what I mean is he sort of handed the discs to my dad under the table and whispered "Install 'em quick and get them back to me before anyone notices"...

Gramercy Riffs
24-12-2003, 15:18:04
He sounds like a dodgy geezer...

24-12-2003, 21:08:42
or a pirate after me own heart matey