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self biased
22-12-2003, 09:25:35
i wrote this story in the vein of the storytellers of old, sitting around a campfire sharing stories. read it aloud to yourself for full effect, or better yet, gather a few people 'round the glow of the monitor and tell the story to them. and of course, let me know what you think.

i once knew a man who thought he was ten feet tall. he was the quiet sort, youknow? he didn't talk much to anybody and kept to himself... it's funny thought that people mocked him for the way he moved. he was so graceful to watch with his blonde hair swaying in the breeze. there was something special about him, maybe it was the glint in his golden eyes. maybe that was why he thought he was ten feet tall.

i also knew a small boy. he was quiet too, and graceful as all hell, much like the man. his hair was darker, almost deep brown, and his eyes were green. he was freinds with the man who thought he was ten feet tall, inso much as a man and a boy could be. they'd go to the museum, or sometimes into the big city when the orchestra had a performance.

there was talk about the two of them. talk about unnatural stuff, and how it wasn't good for a man and a boy to be freinds like that. the young boy couldn't fathom what the adults meant, but the man who thought he was ten feet tall would always get mad when the young boy asked him about it.

one day, a group of older boys followed the young boy home from school. they taunted the small boy as he walked, calling him names like 'faggot' and 'homo' and 'queer' and other things. they followed the small boy to his house, and smashed their way in as the small boy tried to close the door behind him. the older boys decided to ransack the house and they smashed up everything they could get their hands on, including the small boy, who laid in the living room whimpering and bleeding. the boys went upstairs to look for things to steal.

one boy came down the stairs, and stopped at the bottom in a large shadow. the front door had been left open, and in the doorway, the ten foot tall man stood, and roared. he didn't look much like a man anymore, he looked more like an animal with a flowing mane of golden hair to match his golden eyes. the boy at the bottom of the stairs dropped the jewlery box he was carrying, and pointed. he stammered for words, but terror took them from him, and made him wet himself.

the ten foot tall beast-man walked toward the staircase. chattering, the boys came downstairs, wondering why their freind was just standing there. the beast-man roared again, and the first boy fell backwards knocking the others down. the man ignored them, and went to the small boy who'd stopped crying. the beast-man gently picked him up and carried him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. he paused, then produced an ornate machete, and carved a few runes into what was left of the coffee table. and then left, with the older boys sitting in silent terror at the bottom of the stairs.

many years went by, and the small boy grew up to be a man who thought he was ten feet tall. he could never forgive the older boys for what they did to him, but in the same thought, he thanked them, because he wouldn't be who he is today if it wasn't for them. after leaving that house, he and the beast-man had many adventures together.

and now, he tells the story of how he once knew a man who thought he was ten feet tall, to honor his memory.


currently, it has no title. let me know if y'all can think of one.

Lazarus and the Gimp
22-12-2003, 22:59:48
"The long and the short of it".