View Full Version : Oi Nills!

11-12-2003, 11:03:52
Did you get my reply? Need any more help?

Nills Lagerbaak
11-12-2003, 16:57:16
Cheers prots! I am so excited about Reason and Cakewalk sync'd up together, if it works.....oh the possibilities!

11-12-2003, 17:45:28
More bad rock-hop?

11-12-2003, 22:06:31
Ahah! You've un-pinked yourself. Good work.

Nills Lagerbaak
12-12-2003, 11:04:15
What bad rock hop? Debaser you dork, you knoe you loved that shit!
Anyway (interstingly, or not so interestingly) I found out that Rewire is actually part of Reason. You only get to activate it if the other product you are using is Rewire compatable (then it will have its own rewire menu section). Apparantly cakewalk is compatable so it should be interesting when I get the full version today.


12-12-2003, 11:18:35
hop and roll!