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11-12-2003, 02:20:52
Why hasn't rock music caught on to other coutries? Why is it predominantly US/British?

This is the constant sorrow of the greek rock fans. Can you answer it? I don't fucking know why. To me rock is the most beautiful punk-erie ever to smear the pentagram, so you understand my sorrow.

I was reading some piece about noir desir, that's a french rock group, and there it was said that in France being a latin country where melody prevails, rock is not something evident.

I think same goes for other countries too.
So why? I'm asking you. I can trace the root's rock'n' roll back to the 1950-60s. If I have read this correctly there was a radiostation of some US base which kept playing rock 'n' roll. Some people found it interesting and started listening to it.

But rock was curtailed in Greece right there in its "birth". The communist party of the time, which has a very big influence to some of the most dynamic part of the greek youth, rejected rock (yes they even made proclamations about rock music, can you believe it?) saying it's a decadent western music aimed at numbing the "revolutionary" insticts of our youth or some crap like that.

Concidering the partizanship of the era it's not surprising lots of kids turned away from it and into the quite rich music of the "left wing".

as for the right wing, well i guess it was ok if it talked about family values. but rock doesnt really do that

Richness in music that's another "problem". I can't vow for the quality, actually 80% is a piece of crap, but greeks love greek music and there's a lot of it. I see nothing wrong in that, actually i rejoice in that fact and i would do even more if 80% of it wasnt crap. But the rest of it isnt, its great, but it just doesnt grasp my soul as much.

However, why coulnt there be a "blossom" (corny card for lack of better word) of rock music as well in greece? Im not talking about having an audience, that we do, but im talking about production of our own.

Is it conservatism in society? Its ok to talk about revolutionary ideas of humanism or some other stuff but its not ok to write something like god save the queen (if we had one, which we dont but anyway about something else) and it gaining popularity?

Everything must seem so "deep" in greek songs. like theres some quota of wisdom to fill. needless to say this has two outcomes:
_it isnt filled
_its so fucking middle of the road who can fucking care?

but im doing an injustice, its not the words (although the context of the words is) its the music.

What's so unappealing about listening to a distorted sound of a guitar? I thought it used to be that destructive ethnonationalism of greek society against anything "foreign" but it isnt. rock music simply isnt liked in greece.

and i come back to the one factor which i think plays a lot of importance: conservatism, way too much attachment to family because of poor finances (it isnt easy to have the money to live on your own untill much later), a not so established yet "citizens society" and insecurity.

you cant write rock if you live with your parents. you cant write rock if you live in a society which vomits it out. and there's another way of life, another way of partying. very complete very encompassing. basically it is different values. you can see that. theres lack of personal freedom. of freedom of expression. one cant yell out and scream hitting a distorted g-chord, he would be crazy, or uncivilized (thats a nice one, while dancing on the tables with the most corny songs possible isnt) or whatever.
theres a difference in the psyche. too much tradition. way too much conservatism. insecurity. comformitism. hypocrisy.
the greek rock groups which have actually succeeded in getting a slice of the market are veritable heroes, despite all odds, always funding their own projects untill someone notices them, which in an industry dominated by non rock music and WITHOUT the veneus to do so it is hard. so rock stays on the underground. which is filled with fake fart anarchists who dont have naything worthwile to say and dont fucking listen to themselves to write something about THEM, not their fucking "ideology". and those that escape from that sterile creative environment are very few but at least most of them are good and get SOME recognision.

but anyway im wondering. how the hell did rock music came to be? and in so few countries be their "national" music? it has to be something unique.
Was it the unique mixture of black rythme with electric guitars in the US that then got transfused to the Uk through cultural proximity? its not like there always was rock music.

11-12-2003, 17:03:54
Difficult question.... interesting though.

Other European countries embrace rock, especially scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Europe. It does seem to be a northern/germanic thing rather than a latin thing though.

Scabrous Birdseed
11-12-2003, 17:13:28
Don't forget Japan.

11-12-2003, 17:15:37
Ah yes. I was thinking only of Europe. Japan have done amazing things with rock, they seem a lot happier to muddle up genres.

12-12-2003, 01:26:07
Originally posted by Funkodrom
Difficult question.... interesting though.

Other European countries embrace rock, especially scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Europe. It does seem to be a northern/germanic thing rather than a latin thing though.

Yes and there's one thing having embraced it and another producing it although logically, most of the time, the one preceeds the other.
I know about Scandinavia, well Sweden in particular, where there seems to be some indigenous rock production. I don't know wether Germany has that too? I've also heard about Japan. Also another incoscpicuous country which seems to have experienced a surge in indigenous rock production was... Serbia during the last balkan crisis. But unfortunately that's all I know about the subject.

About eastern europe it's funny actually (tragic more like it). Rock music had been tagged along with revolution (from the communist status quo). In the now Chezh republic in particular they even procecuted rockers. No kidding. There was this guy Vladimir Padrunek (I have one of his CDs he's crap) who had to change houses ever so often to avoid getting busted. His only crime was playing cheesy copy cat classic rock but which the regime didn't like (nothing to do with aesthetics of course) because it was paralleled in the minds of the people with revolution/insubordination.

And do you remember Ozzy in the Soviet Union? The people loved him. I think in eastern europe rock has also been tagged along with getting rid of oppressive regimes somehow and I think also with the "western" type of luxury and freedom which they lacked.
Rock and politics. Another interesting subject, certain to bore both rockers or politicians :)