View Full Version : Motive Chorus Daemon??

Gramercy Riffs
02-12-2003, 16:49:36
ZoneAlarm keeps telling me about this but has no other info it.

Does anyone know what it is, cos it sounds throughly evil!

02-12-2003, 17:40:04
Can you record it?

Gramercy Riffs
02-12-2003, 17:56:11
I don't know to be honest.

I've read a little on the internet, but it's quite pretty inconclusive.

Chances are its harmless but.....

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
02-12-2003, 20:10:20
Altavista translates a Japansese web site thusly:

It reaching the point where the message that it has been about to access Internet "is made suddenly frequently, stripe now it did. (Norton Personal Firewall is used) can think some kind of reason? The bar of Japanese input goes out separately from that, input does and it is ? leprosy circumstance. This please be able to do together. We ask may.

I hope that helps.

02-12-2003, 20:20:32
There's tons about it here (http://www.selfnoise.net/blog/index.php/archives/index.php/archive/1/index.php/item/76). But seeing as it's someone's blog site, you won't get anything other than second hand info. The consensus seems to be to contact your ISP, but that it ain't dangerous.

No hits on the Symantec site.

02-12-2003, 20:23:15
I read a bit further. There is a press release (http://www.realmarket.com/news/motive090100.html) about it.

02-12-2003, 20:35:37
I've got MAD.exe in my HP printer directory. Looks as if it might be worth returning to that blog in a while because someone's emailed HP about it, taking them to task for this 'spyware'.

02-12-2003, 20:40:45
Leprosy Circumstance sounds like a Mars Volta song.

Gramercy Riffs
02-12-2003, 20:42:38
Yeah, I'll wait for the results I think.

Thanks for your help!