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27-11-2003, 16:00:55
gosh, my first technical thread... what is the world coming too...

a week ago, I received a message of a friend telling me he got infected by a virus indetectable by Norton (but not by mc afee) that fucked his window OS. He also included instructions to remove it.

I threw the message away, didn't have a problem at the time

now of course everytime I try to load my new game (silent storm) I get the 'protection error. You must reboot your computer' (in French) on a blue screen of death :shoot:

anyone with a idea of what this virus is? (if that's the problem - incidently, I can't contact my friend anymore)

27-11-2003, 16:26:35
French blue screen of death. How terrible!

although I doubt the problem with the game has anything to do with a virus.

Remember that almost all emails about viruses are hoaxes. Even if Norton couldnt initially fix it or detect it they would have done it eventually if McAfee did it.

Sir Penguin
28-11-2003, 03:13:06
It would almost definitely be detectable by now, if your virus software does automatic updates--unless it compromises your virus software.

There are a lot of hoax virus emails, but when a responsible person's computer is infected with a virus, they will notify anybody who might have received the virus from them (everybody to whom they forwarded the virus, and everybody in their address book, for example). If you haven't opened any attachments sent from your friend's address, then you probably don't have to worry.


28-11-2003, 08:01:33
apparently, it's not a virus indeed
but it's so hard to believe they would send me a totally bugged game, like back in the days :cry:

11-12-2003, 02:22:43
It's so hard to believe? Now, that's a serious Own Goal!