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21-11-2003, 09:47:29
Welcome to the seventh CG short story contest!

For this contest, your story should start with the words 'We all thought you were dead', but from then on you are free to go wherever your imagination takes you!

Write as much or as little as you like, but please respect the fact that your peers will have to find the time to read your entry
I will start another thread in a fortnight but feel free to keep writing after that if you haven't finished etc.

As always, only one entry per poster.

Comments on stories should be posted in a seperate thread here (http://www.counterglow.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16681), this thread is for STORIES ONLY.

Immortal Wombat
24-11-2003, 22:52:23
"We all thought you were dead," I heard.
I heard? Oh! Yes, I heard those words spoken to me.
I heard those words spoken to me? Oh Oh! Yes, I heard them, and I understood their meaning. I understood. Oh the joy of understanding. I was washed by waves of relief and happiness all at once. I lay back on what I now knew was called an 'operating table' and grinned.

"We are so glad you aren't dead." Spoke the voice of the girlchild. How I wished I could reply, reassure her that it was all okay. That I'd never want to die and leave her sad and alone in this lonely world. Ok, so she wouldn't be alone alone, she had her parents and that bigger boychild to play with. But not me. She liked me best, and I her. And now I understood! what cruel fate that I could understand but not reply.

"I do so love you." Those same words again. Those same words she had spoken as I was about to cross the point of no return, leaping and bounding off this mortal coil with the immortal soul energy of a young puppy. Those same words that had echoed up the silver stairway and reached my ears as I was mid-leap through the golden dogflap in the Pearly Gates. Love, what a glorious thing. I couldn't abandon her now. Not now I had seen paradise. It was nothing special. I preferred my home.

"I love you too." I tried to say.
"Woofwoofyip" emerged from my canine vocal cords.
"Good boy Fido. Good dog. You're all better know."

09-12-2003, 13:54:52
‘We all thought you were dead,’ she said, stepping away from the control panels and the screens that flashed up the results of the scans of his body.
‘”We”? What’s up, afraid to say “I”?’ he replied, hauling himself off of the table and pulling back on his costume.
‘Don’t start this. That’s not what I meant, I’m talking about the team. Jubilee was worried sick’
‘Yeah, well, Jubilee and the rest of the team can stop worrying, I’m fine.’
She slammed her hand down on the panel. ‘Jesus, Logan, don’t you get tired of it?’
‘Tired of what?’
‘The lone wolf thing. Always off on your own business. Acting like you don’t care for any of us.’
‘Does that bother you?’
‘Yes it does. Because whether you like it or not you are an X-Man and we stick together.’
He looked over his shoulder at her.
‘No that’s not it.’
‘What do you mean?’
He turned back towards her. ‘I’ll tell you why it bothers you. It bothers you because you don’t like to think I don’t care about you.’
‘What on earth are you talking about?’
‘Don’t act simple with me,’ he said, moving closer to her.
‘You’re living in a fantasy land.’
‘That’s for sure. But then you’re the expert on that - I mean, how many times have you died?’
‘Don’t change the subject.’
‘Oh, come on, how many times have you been cloned? Or met your future self, or some other kind of craziness? Yeah, I am living in a fantasy land, we all are in case you didn’t notice.’
‘Yes, and that’s why we have to stick together. Who else can understand our lives?’
‘You don’t get it do you? I don’t need to be understood. I’m doing just fine.’
‘Stop pushing everyone away!’
‘Ok, here!’ he said, grabbing her by the waist suddenly and pulling her against him. ‘Get as close as you like!’
‘Logan! Let go!’ she said, pushing ineffectually at his thick arms.
‘What’s wrong? I thought you wanted the team to stick together?’
‘I said “let go”!’ Suddenly he was flung backwards across the room, smashing with a clang into the metallic far wall.
He lay still for a second, as she watched, breathing hard. Then finally he moved and slowly dragged himself to his feet.
‘Ok, I deserved that.’
‘Don’t try and turn this into something it’s not. I care about you, but this is about us as X-men, nothing else. I don’t want to have to hurt you.’
‘Well you can tell the others I’m just fine.’
‘Just drop it.’
She sighed as the doors hissed open and he walked out. She looked back up at the screens, their data an echo of his body, until the doors opened again, seconds, minutes later and she quickly reached over and turned them off, blanking his presence from the room finally.
‘Is everything alright Jean?’ the voice said.
‘Yes, Professor, everything’s fine.’
‘Then Wolverine is in good health?’
‘Yes, Professor. Physically…perfect.’

09-12-2003, 15:08:37
'We all thought you were dead funny,' she beamed.
He ignored her and turned to the mirror to remove the thick grease paint. She looked at the clown quizically. 'Why are you so sad?'
'Because it's time,' he daubed at the white paint, slowly revealing the deep colour beneath.
'For what?' Worried by the clown's tone she slowly moved back towards the door and felt the handle. The clown spun round and grinned. Alice let out a gasp when she saw the vivid pink underneath the clown make up.
'You'll see!' he hissed.
Alice turned the door handle only to find that it was locked.
'You should have left when you could,' said the clown. He tore off his multi coloured patchwork cloak to reveal a hidious vivid pink and sweaty body. Alice was suddenly made aware that he was not the sort of pink that he should be, more worrying was the fact that he seemed to have something moving under his pretruding ribs in his skinny torso. 'I'm sorry little girl.'
The clown flew across the room and pinned Alice against the locked door. His hot rancid breath against her face made her turn her face away. His hands held Alice's wrists against the door so hard that she felt her fingers tingle. Oddly, she could feel another hand unbutton her blouse and stroke her stomach.
'What's that?' she whispered.
'I'm sorry.'
The hand pushed what seemed to be a claw into her belly button. and pushed until the skin broke. Alice started to scream.
'Don't scream little girl,' a voice said, not the voice of he clown this time. This voice seemed to come from inside the clown's body.
Alice could feel something hot being pumped through the claw and into her belly buton.
'Stop! Please!'
'I can't,' the clown said apologetically, 'it won't let me.'
The hot feeling spread up into her chest and she felt faint. Blackness crept into the corner of her vision as the clown stepped back. She drunkenly lurched forward and grabbed her belly. She looked down at her exposed body and saw pink lines spreading in raised veins away from her navel.
'What is it?' she slurred. She stumbled forward and fell to her knees.
'I'm sorry'
'What is it?' She looked up at the clown. He had tears rolling down his face.
'What is it?' She repeated.

'It's the pink.'

10-12-2003, 09:30:37
I had to edit. Sorry.

16-12-2003, 12:07:00
"We all thought you were dead! What happened?" I was cold, wet, tired and hungry. I was also not in the best of moods. I really couldn't be bothered to explain the last few hours to the person I nearly got killed for. So I punched him hard in the face instead. Probably broke his nose judging by the blood.

I felt slightly bad about it as he hit the floor and started crying "What did you do that for?" Still, he deserved it. I don't mind bailing the kid out now and again but I don't expect him to go out of his way to get people to try and kill him.

"Is there any food? I'm starving." I said by way of an apology. I'm sure he knew what I meant. My therapist once said I was unable to express my emotions. I hit him, thus ably expressing the emotion that he'd pissed me off. I explained that to him but he didn't seem to understand. Which was odd because it seemed like a very clear concept to me. So I never went back. I don't like dealing with amateurs.

I noticed that Simon had half a sandwich which he'd left on the sideboard when he came over to greet me. I took a big bite. "Mayo? How can you eat that shit." I threw it back on his plate and started grabbing myself some stuff from the fridge.

Simon had picked himself up by now and was holding some kitchen roll to his nose. "Whad did you hid me bor?" "Getting yourself involved with people like that, you should know better. I won't always be around to bail you out." "Are dey dill afder dou?" "Probably not. They shot the shit out of the canal though. I expect the swans will all get lead poisoning." I stacked a third layer on my sandwich. "Where are the others?" "Turbo said that him and J should go out looking for you in case you needed a ride home." "OK, give them a call and tell them I'm back will you? And stop calling him Turbo, his name's Craig. He can't just give himself a nickname like that, it's not how it works and Turbo sounds fucking retarded." "OhGay" Simon grabbed his mobile and started dialling. "Hi Graig, id's Dimon. Deah. He'ds bag... deah, he hid me od da dose... id's nod fuddy... OhGay, dee dou doon." I was chuckling quietly to myself. Hey, someone speaking with a nose like that is hillarious by rights I should have been rolling on the floor wetting myself. Or should that be wedding bydelf. :lol:

23-12-2003, 01:18:08
"We all thought you were dead!"

"You thought I was dead, did you? Do I LOOK dead?"

"Well, no, but...we all thought you were dead!"

"You said that."

"I said that."

"Yes. You said that. What's this? Where are my clothes? These aren't my clothes!"

"We all thought you were dead."

"Well, geezhas, do I LOOK dead!? Get me a robe or something! I can't go around with my ass hanging out here like that."

"We all thought you were dead. Sorry... Here, take my coat."

"Call me cab."

"You want a cab?"

"No, I want a salami. Get me cab!"

"We all thought you were dead."

"Oh, never mind, I'll do it myself. All right, where's the phone...geezhas. Is that me? What happened to my face?"

"We all thought you were dead..."

"It doesn't even look like me...cripes what's going on...what did you guys do? What did you guys do!?"

"We all thought..."

"I was dead! I know! Well, I'm NOT dead! I'm NOT DEAD!! I'm alive, see, I'm ALIVE...hey!?"

"Did you give him the right amount this time?"

"Too much. Should be anytime now."

"The sooner the better. It's better for him that way."

"What's the matter with me? I can't see...I can't see my own body...I can't see...anyone.... I can't see! Geezhas, I can't see!"

"We all thought you were dead."

"I can't, I can't, I can't..."

"It's almost done now....try not to fight it...it'll be easier if you don't fight it."

"I can't, I can't..."

"We all thought you were dead, you should have never awakened..."

"Could have buried him alive!"

"Alive.... I'm not dead...."

"Well, where is it now? Give it to him, give him another dose...."

"I can't see...I can't see..."

"He's crying. I didn't expect that. I didn't.... We're all going to hell now, you know that."

"I can't see.... What are you doing? What did you do? Why can't I...I can't.... You dirty bastards...."

"We all thought you were dead. Rest now."

23-07-2004, 08:37:22
"We all thought you were dead", she said. "You were gone for so long, and left in such a state.. You worried those of us who care about you." He stared ahead, blankly. "You know, even though it seems as if no one loves you, people do, I do." He made no reply. "I know that the world seems like a struggle, that things are not right, that life is not fair, that the rain falls on the just and unjust alike, but that is the way life is, and you have to live with it, and make the best of it, and continue living." He was silent. "You make a difference, you matter to many people. Bill down at the corner gets groceries because you bring them to him. The old couple, what is their name, the Freidmans? They are always lonely because their kids don't visit them and their freinds have died, but you go over and occasionally break their gloom. When cars were going by fast on the neighborhood road, and some kid might get hurt, it was you who got the neighborhood organised to go to the city to get the two speed bumps emplaced. You are important, still." He said nothing. "You shouldn't go; think of different things, think in different ways. Despite how life seems, don't die." He replied, "I am already dead. No one visits me, no one loves me, I am not who I was. I am dead."

Jon Miller
(fairly poor, but I don't rewrite easily, and I feel like writing right now)

self biased
21-09-2004, 06:35:38
[the ressurection of Quetzalcoatl]

'We all thought you were dead,' had been the general consensus. of course, online, you drop off for a few days, and people start to worry. I had been gone for two thousand one hundred seventy-six hours. just shy of thirteen weeks.

"not... exactly." i replied. "something magical has happened." i was flooded with questions.

"how's your girlfriend... erin was her name?" syiubaiana had asked. she at one point had her claws in me, but i'd managed to free myself, and with my current state of affairs, things were out of my hands anyway.

"Magic You Say? What Manner Of Skullduggery Are You Trying To Pull Here" that was XietyTheDeity. we would chitchat about music and whatnot from time to time.

"eh. i knew you'd come back. 'They Always Come Back." koshko, a gay twat, and an upstanding one at that. i'd always try to see how many in jokes i could get with him.

"What happened?" was the post most repeated by Cara, LatinChik007, AutumnKrystals, Beefy_guy, and a rare appearance by DJlemma.

"she is dead, miss syiubaiana. the ritual required human sacrifice, unfortunately, and she was the only one i could convince to... to... :shakes his head: she wasn't supposed to die, but the strain of childbirth was too much for her. funny how a little cog in the scheme of things 'crunch' and everything spirals out of control.

yes, magic, sir. things might have gone awry, but the spell worked, and as far as i can tell, i did it properly. there'll be no loopholes, no fuck ups, no shambling soulless corpses like that poor sap corey. i should never have taught him that ritual in the first place.

kosko... how ironic it is that i've come to say goodbye...

you see, i've been to the moon and back. someone leaked top secret documents from the fifties with maps and pictures of an Incan settlement on the moon. i rushed to south america with erin. the amazon tribesmen knew we were coming. there had been a prophecy about a man returning to his home in the stars. they led me to a temple that was carefully guarded. from the outside it looked like a run of the mill cave, easily overlooked by any other scientist. it was beautiful everything was gold. the altar, the channels to carry the blood to the power points, everything."

cuppb logged on and asked: "so you sacrificed your girlfriend to heathen gods for what end?"

"she wasn't the intended victim."

"then who was?" Ti-7, ShwockCityRocker, and Kalessin had joined the fray as well as a host of others. a threadjacking was in progress calling into question my shamanistic ability, and alleging that this was all just a very clever way of gathering attention. people i didn't even know were arguing for and against me, and it was scary to have so many people know who i was, and me clueless as to their existence.

"our son. the plan was devised on the fly, and the shock that the man who had only recently asked to marry her was also a legendary shaman came as a bit of a shock. she did agree of her own free will after i explained what was up there. the incas were excellent astronomers and record keepers, and not many know that their calendar counts down to something, and that something had been rapidly approaching. if i had known what i know now, i would have taken my sweet time. what the Incas had built was a teleporter, whose other end was near the crater Copernicus with its unique terraced rim."

there had been general outrage at my willingness to sacrifice my own flesh and blood for such a thing. the pro shaman crowd had won the argument; i'd done enough 'favors' for friends. heal this one's cancer, retrieve the location of some object from a dead loved one, disturbingly accurate tarot readings, etc. parlor bullshit, but effective nonetheless.

the thread had over a hundred replies in less than ten minutes. another flurry of questions: "what was up there?" and "what did you know that would make you take your time?" asked by sinkua, and MinorThreat.

"the calendar was counting down to my arrival on the moon. prophecy had been about as big with the incas as human sacrifice was, damn them. so much of the temple had been ruined.. i would have taken my time if i had known erin was going to die. the death of both erin and our baby had been like adding jet fuel to an elderly go-kart. everything within a three mile radius had been teleported to Copernicus. perhaps it was the potency of the infant's blood, or the fact that it was mother and son, i'm still not sure. i've had to re-learn a lot of things.

...as for what was up there?

a lonely god. Quetzalcoatl. i was its ticket off that miserable rock."

"So How Did You Get Back, If The Teleporter Was Powered By Human Sacrifice?" asked Xiety.

i had been teleported along with a dozen rather startled natives, who knew of another, similar temple two days walk from where the one we went up in was formerly located. meanwhilst we set about exploring the ruins of Quetzalcoatl's lunar temple. i had itched something fearsome, all over. i heard gasps behind me and i came to realize that i had been growing scales on my skin, and my hair had become a mane of feathers. 'your people shall rise again,' i told them in their native tongue, which i had previously not been able to speak.

the god was weak, and clinging desperately to my soul, a lone worshipper. with all the raw magical energy still left on the moon, i could have forced the god out of me, and it would have stayed confined to its prison, and Quetzalcoatl knew this. it offered a bargain first."

(get me to earth and i'll make you a king. you'd be the most powerful man on the earth)
[i already am, and you owe me]
(it had to be that way)
[i don't care. you have little to offer me, and your debt is already severe. i should leave you here]
(no! the solitude is unbearable)
[that's the funny thing about eternity, isn't it. even if mankind were to come here, this place would be levelled, and then there'd be nobody to remember you. you'd just sit here. alone]
(what do you want, then?)
[you. your knowledge. become a part of me, and we'll do things that your people couldn't imagine in their collective lifetimes]
(conquor the world?) i could tell he was hungry for blood and sacrifice...
[why stop at just one? there are millions of others out there as well]

i had my audience rapt. compared to consuming a god's soul, it was a small thrill, but what was mortal in me remembered the sensation fondly. i continued with my speech:

"what i want every one to do right now is this: go get a candle, come back to your computer, and let me know when you get back. do not light your candles."

syiubaiana, XietyTheDeity, Cara, ShwockCityRocker, LatinChik007, MinorThreat, koshko, AutumnKrystals, cuppb, Beefy_guy, Ti-7, sinkua, Kalessin, and DJlemma, were the only ones out of nearly a hundred people who'd replied to the thread that returned with candles. i lit them one by one with a violet flame.

"i can keep you safe. these candles will not burn out. bring them, and whatever belongings you can carry to terminal 77 in grand central station in new york city. i'll be there in two weeks to pick everyone up, so put your affairs in order.

as for the rest of you, this is goodbye. truthfully enough, this place most likely won't be here for much longer. take care, and if you change your mind, all you have to do is pray to me, i'll hear you."

i closed my account, and shut down the computer. i've got worlds to conquor.