View Full Version : Asus sucks.

Sir Penguin
17-11-2003, 02:37:10
One of the capacitors on my Asus GF4 Ti4200 just fell off. The stupid thing had been stuck to the solder rather than stuck in the solder. I guess it saves on solder, and I'm sure they passed the savings on to me.


17-11-2003, 14:45:33
I hate cheap stuff. If they really want to cut costs, they should shut down their entire operation.

17-11-2003, 21:47:55
Can you remelt the solder and stick the capacitor in?

(and still have a working machine?)

Sir Penguin
17-11-2003, 21:52:43
I've done that. The problem is, it was working fine before. I noticed the capacitor (I think it's a capacitor) lying on the floor of my case while posting at Poly. I didn't really feel like looking for what the piece is used for, so I shut it down and soldered it back on. I guess if a few months pass and it still hasn't exploded, I'm fine.