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16-11-2003, 23:00:37
Got my FFXI last week and i've put together a little webby showing some piccies from my adventures. Having a great time so far.

Adventures in Vana'Diel (http://www.btinternet.com/~philip.gunns/adventures_in_vana.htm)

16-11-2003, 23:11:02
Zarg has a huge crag.

16-11-2003, 23:19:22
You can read. That's just incredible.

17-11-2003, 01:08:05
I don't think you understand. His crag is huge.

Scud Wallaby
17-11-2003, 16:32:14
Looks bloody good KG - I love Final Fantasy; how does this compare (e.g. to Ultima Online?)


17-11-2003, 18:37:11
The crag is obviously compensating for something.

17-11-2003, 21:00:54
I am also playing this game

I am in Leviathan (Monk) and Siren (Black Mage)

Jon Miller

17-11-2003, 21:02:39
the monk is level 10, the black mage is level 5

Jon Miller

17-11-2003, 21:04:01
oh, the Monk is in Bastok, the Mage is in Windhurst

Jon Miller

Scabrous Birdseed
17-11-2003, 21:21:59
Has the Monk reached the brown tunnel yet?

17-11-2003, 23:10:02
I play on Shiva JM, maybe if i make a new character sometime we'll meet up one day...

scud, i'd say it compares very favourably with UO, despite being in it's infancy compared to the old warhorse. in fact that's one of the plus points of it, as obviously the graphics are much better and it doesn't have horrible legacy issues

the emphasis on and benefits of group play in ffxi makes for a much more co-operative and pleasant world than Uo's PvP r0xx0r brigade too

oh and it's actually called the Crag of Dem, i went back there and checked :p

01-12-2003, 07:49:37
I think I could ahve gotten a pass to Shiva

but my two characters are taking up enough time right now

I played some more recently (first time in a week), so now my blackmage is almost level 8

JOn mMiller

25-12-2003, 02:37:24
i think i'm addicted to that game..that's why i stopped coming on..
what's sadder is that my bf is even more addicted and i have to work so i don't get to play that often

26-12-2003, 12:08:46
Looks kinda cool.

Is the battle system pretty similar to the normal FF games or have they changed it to fit the new genre?

27-12-2003, 09:14:46
My BF is now addicted to this game. :(

Jon Miller part Deux
31-12-2003, 08:38:32
ha ha ha

I have played a bit, but am not addicted

Jon Miller

31-12-2003, 22:27:09
:confused: Jon Miller is Ash's BF?

Greg W
01-01-2004, 01:20:44

01-01-2004, 02:30:02
That game is total shit.

01-01-2004, 03:30:35
fp...it's not even the same genre as the other ff's. it's an mmo rpg..like everyquest but better. ;)

01-01-2004, 11:15:44
Like everquest if everquest took everything that makes it good and shat all over it, then stole whayt makes competative MMORGS good and shat all over that too. I have played nearly all the US released MMORGS now and FFXI is the worst one of the bunch. The ONLY thing positive I have to say about it is it had a stable release, but that is because it released a year earleir in japan where it made SWG look professionally done.

Poor graphics combined with an ugly world.
Stupid, ugly, goofy looking PC models.
Poor implementation of their class system
Horrific user interface, call to power 1 laughs at them
Forced grouping with very limited variety
Death penelties that only "harcore" servers in other games have worse rules.
Exceedingly dull combat.
A level/exp treadmill that makes the ORIGINAL EQ look like there was no treadmill.

So... why are people playing it?


If you want something new try horizons, if you want something with lots of players and the most content try EQ, if you want something scifi that has finally reached the point it was supposed to be at with release play SWG (finally becoming a great game), if you want to participate in development of a great game with no commercial links play RoE. Want dull gameplay with decent pvp play DAOC etc etc etc

If you want shit, play FFXI

02-01-2004, 05:39:26
well..i enjoy it. and god dammit..my taru is just the cutest thing on the face of the planet.

02-01-2004, 07:09:14
Originally posted by devilmunchkin
fp...it's not even the same genre as the other ff's. it's an mmo rpg..like everyquest but better. ;)

Yeah, I knew that. I was just wondering if it has the same kind of combat system as Evercrap and the other MMORPG's or whether they've modified the traditional FF Active-Time battle system for this game.

I could look it up myself, of course, but I'm far too fucking lazy for that.

03-01-2004, 04:41:15
you CAN make it the same..kinda..but it's not efficient to do it that way..you CAN do the menu's and that bit but it takes to long. i think it's turn based but they hide it well

03-01-2004, 06:30:21
It is "turn based" in the same way as every other MMORG is "turn" based. In other words, it is not in any way turn based. Unfortunatly people still think if your character cannot fire/hit/whatever as fast as you can pressa button it is turn based.

Example of how ALL these games work, lets say you have a gun that does 10 damage and has a delay of 20 (2 seconds). That would mean that every 2 seconds you could fire the gun. Now, many people call this turn based because they are stupid. Why? Because if you have 2 people shooting at each other with exactly the same guns and same speed etc, they would in effec t be taking "turns" firing. Therefore it is turn based. These people are retarded.

Why is this not turn based? Well if one person has a 10/2 gun they would fire 10 times as fast, do they get 10 more turns? no, they get to do more in real time. Saying this is turn based is like saying boxing is turn based. The delay represents the limits of the wpn or your char.

A turn based game can be 2 things.

1- Game is frozen and players take turns. Chess, Civ, and some setting choices in the regular FF series.

2- Everyone gets an action after a set amount of time. You do not have to use it, but you get it. Everyone's speed is the same. This is how soem of the FF games can be set (I think 7 and up).

FFXI is real time just like all the other games.

The combat is closer to horizons than EQ but very limited and dull. But no, it is not like the good FF games at all and the only thing that can be made like the games is teh user interface which is cumbersome and altogether useless in a MMORG enviornment.

05-01-2004, 11:50:45
A lot of people are hating on the FF interface, i have no idea why, i have no issues with it myself. All the important stuff is available through keyboard shortcuts anyway.

For hellokitty to say the graphics are shit, i guess he's on acid or something, mine look beautfiul. Stupid goofy looking models? Nope, no dea what he's talking about.

Dull combat? not from my experience - more like hectic, involving and often pant shittingly tight battles. The skillchain system is a really nice thing to add variety and skill to to the combat system, maybe HK never got round to trying that.

Forced grouping certainly is a big issue for a lot of people. It is true, FFXI is virtually unplayable solo, unless you want to be a crafter or something. Personally i don't have a problem with this, i played UO for a year and a half and it was so easy to solo i hardly knew anyone else in the game after all that time. With FFXI, i have played for two months and have circa 10 people on my friends list who i play with often and know about as well as i do many people on this board.
Admittedly it can be annoying if you only want to pop on and play for half an hour, but since i took up fishing i can always play my support skill for quick kicks.

I can only really say i am very much in love with FFXI and are constantly impressed as i uncover new elements of the game.

05-01-2004, 11:53:14

But good comeback nevertheless.

Jon Miller part Deux
05-01-2004, 12:19:56
I haven't played much this last month

see if I will pay mroe this nect

JOn Miller

05-01-2004, 13:44:16
Can we have some more pictures please KG? (Especially of you fishing)

05-01-2004, 13:59:52
i did put another page together, doesn't look like i've remembered to publish it though. I'll get on it this evening.

05-01-2004, 16:41:39
Ok i will concede the skillchain thing is interesting and a nice addition. However how are you finding the insanely repetative camp style combat interesting in the least?

ANd I took a red mage to 43 or 44 (was near 44 but I think I quit just before dinging) before I quit. There is nothing to the game.

The graphics are a step below all the other current MMORGS that have been released in the last year, with SWG having the best graphics, but horizons world looking the best. EQ and DOAC are nicer to look at the world than FFXI and the oddly proportioned unbalanced PC design remind me of FF(seven or 8, the one with the gunblade and very gay leather outfit).

Also you have very little customization on PC appearances, the amout of variation in avatar is similar to what you would expect from a game released 3+ years ago.

However, someone did make the arguement to me one time that FFXI has great graphics, but there is nothing worth looking at. So maybe that is my problem with it. Although the airships did look cool it did not make up for the rest of the world.

Forced grouping is a big issue for alot of people. Not being able to play a game without having 3+ hours blocked out and dedicated to it makes for a poor design. The goal for a company should be to make you want to log on for an hour and discover 4 hours later that you just ruined your day in front of a game. What class do you play btw? For the lesser needed classes it can be very difficult finding a group at all. You may have 3 hours blocked out and spend 2 of them lfg, then 20 min getting to where you can do something then woo woo, you get to do something! As a red mage luckily I could heal lol.

Your friends list is good. Thats what MMORGS should foster. Hell I am having lunch witha friend from SWG today and my hairdresser is in my everquest guild. I have met lots of people. But meeting people and making friends in a game does not make the game good.

The buisness side is annoying too. Very expensive game and the pay more for each character you want system is annoying. Want to try something new? Different race? 2$ more a month please. Cancel the wrong way and your registration number is canceled not just your account so if you ever want to play again you need to buy a new copy of the game!

For me the more I saw of FFXI the less I liked it and the more negative things that came out.

05-01-2004, 16:53:00
Maybe I will get bored and write some MMORPG reviews. Horizons, RoE, AO, SWG, and EQ have all changed alot in the lat 6 months to a year. All for the better.

05-01-2004, 17:07:10
fair enough.

i certianly would be interested to hear some reviews of the other mmorpg's. As i said, i went from old school UO to FFXI, but i did play the SWG beta and i can't say the graphics impressed me that much.

Perhaps you and i just have different aesthetic tastes, i love the design of the FFXI chars (i have to echo DM's comments about cute taru's) and i think the game world is very pretty too.

Considering you think the game is shit it stuns me you took a rdm to level 40+. In two months i have hit lvl 27 as a warrior and 12 as a MNK, and although i'm hardly a power gamer, i'm guessing you must have played for a few months to achieve that.

Camp style combat? Isn't that what all rpg's foster? UO certainly did. SWG makes you run into the middle of the desert and find a totally random bunch of people and calls it a mission. I don't see much improvement there.

I enjoy the group dynamic and the chat that goes on while the combat and monster hunting is taking place. Talking tactics or jus talking shit, it's all good.

My biggest bugbear s the bit you mentioned about forming parties. This can be very frustrating, but i am reliably informed that at higher levels it is all about grouping with people on your friend list and linkshell rather than the casual grouping that goes on at the lowe n00b evels. That's fine by me, if someone i know through the game says right tomorrow we all log on at 8 and do this or that mission that will solve that problem.

Anyway, like i say, you make some very valid points and i'd certainly be interested in hearing about some of the other mmorpg's i haven't seen for myself.

05-01-2004, 18:17:00
I can see coming from Ultimate macro online to FFXI being impressed and liking FFXI or coming from no previous MMORPG and liking it. But having played most of them I don't see what people like about it unless they are playing it on console. All the other games have so much more to offer. But I still liked UO better than FFXI.

If I get a chance I will write a little review about horizons since I personally think Horizons has the most potential of all the new ones out there but so far it is still trying to overcome its release problems. It is a very decietfully social game. Almost anyone can solo an adventure class, no need to bother grouping, but if they ever want to accomplish anything real it takes so much cooperation among so many different people. Very interesting concept.

I played FFXI about 2 months. A bunch of people from EQ and SWG started with me and after we went through all the shit it takes to be allowed to play on the same server (another GIANT NEGATIVE for FFXI) we tore through it. You are leveling slow just because FFXI is trying to keep people longer. Most of the other games leveling is far too fast and people leave the game too fast with nothing to do. EQ began too slow and has a nice balance now, although I consider it a little fast. FFXI tried to fix the super fast leveling problem but created the most tedious exp gain of all the games.

What I mean by camp style combat is what you have in EQ during the level grind. You sit in one place and kill the same things over and over with a group for hours on end. Very dull and repetative. But EQ has other interesting things to do and since the release of LDON EQ is no longer evercamp except for people doing the hardest quests.

SWG had the mission system which is just a different way to present the camps but PVP, NOW NOT ON RELEASE, makes the game so much more.

DAOC had its PVP system, which I never really liked all that much and got bored fairly quickly with the game.

Yeah sitting there chatting is fun, you get to know people, make friends, etc. but you can do that in any chat room. Sometimes when I log onto a game, all I do is chat in guild, maybe hang out with low levels that I don't know and help, maybe go and grind exp, quest, whatever. In FFXI there are just not the options that the other games have.

05-01-2004, 18:32:34
ourgh the page i put up is buggered...some work to do

Jon Miller part Deux
05-01-2004, 18:33:54
no work in opera

I ma still a level 11 or so monk and level 9 or so black mage, haven't played much recently

Jon Miller

05-01-2004, 19:29:31
Originally posted by HelloKitty
In FFXI there are just not the options that the other games have.

i hear what you're saying on many of your points, but i don't see you saying anything to back this particular statement up yet.

05-01-2004, 20:24:54
Hmm how to put that in a better way.

FFXI has nothing that makes it stand out and many things that make it look bad.

EQ has nearly everything, but that is because it has been around so long and still has nearly the same number of subscribers as the other games combined. But no new game can have anything like this, it took them 4 years to build up to it.

So with new games they all will be severely lacking in content either at high or low end or if they try to balance it all over.

So, neocron for example. Game had no real content but its PVP system and FPS style gave it something special.

SWG has a fairly interesting setup for class/proffessions but its GCW element is what gives it something more.

Horizons has the most in depth and interesting crafting/crafter system out and also the most complex and interesting class system plus the NPC raids on player towns and ongoing/developing war is great.

DAOC had PvP and the realms fighting.

UO had many great features, but being the first was raped by hacks and macros.

And all of these things are outside of the normal grind. They are things you can go and have fun doing.

For me FFXI has social and grind and pretty much nothing else. All f the games have those 2 things. But the rest of them have so much more.

Greg W
06-01-2004, 00:28:06
If there's one thing that I discovered while playing EQ (4 years), DAoC (9 months) and SWG Beta (3 months), it is that the people make the game. If you don't know a nice group of people that you do stuff with regularly, no matter how good the game is, it is not going to hold you.

SWG was a good example. The class system was actually pretty good (I thought). Combat was, hmm, okay, though I thought DAoC was better. Both batter than EQ though, where you hit auto attack and go off to make lunch. Quests in SWG sucked. There was absolutely no life to them, no flavour, and no impact on the game world. Just like the NPCs now that I think about it.

The crafting system in SWG was somewhat flawed too. Want to be a medic? You're better off staying in a medical facility healing people than going out and adventuring, cos most people were interested in soloing. Want to make armour? Go out and kill hundreds of low level MOBs to get their furs, and then you can think about making some items that wouldn't be useful to even a newb. :rolleyes:

And yet, I kept playing the beta cos I found some nice people who I could go do stuff with, and chat a bit. The game mechanics were mostly boring as shit, btu the people playing made the experience interesting.

Having said that, I haven't played, nor do I plan on playing FFXI.

The way I always look at it - if you could play the game single player (removing any issues to do with needing to group), exactly as it is now without any other people playing, would you still play it?

07-01-2004, 03:21:12
i gues hellokitty doesn't look at the ps1 level blocky polygons when it plays eq? However, my bf made a good point: you can't argue with a hardcore EQ player because even if the facts are staring them in the face, they'll never change sides.

07-01-2004, 13:09:44
Who said EQ had the best graphics?

EQ's graphics are what you would expect from a 4 year old game. The old world looks like something that would be played on the PS1 true, but the new character models and the newer releases are nto far below FFXI, which is embarassing for FFXI. But if you base your opinion on the first expansion from 99 then yeah, FFXI kicks ass.

And what I said was EQ and DOAC are nicer to look at. FFXi is ass ugly in every way adn that FFXI graphically is a step behind every other NEW (not 4-5 year old) game.

As for a hardcore player, I have not even logged onto EQ since before thanksgiving. But I guess people who just want to see one thing will ignore the actual text to attack a point that was never made.

To repeat myself. Horizons looks the best by far, their character models are not that great but the world is amazing to look at.

Anyway, what features put FFXI above any of the other games? Really if there is something tell me, I am missing it. As far as I could see there was nothing special about it except the ability to play with PC and PS2 in the same world, which for communication is actually a negative.

07-01-2004, 13:54:02
the horizons models are pretty weak, althogh ithought one or two of the monsters looked quite cool. The scenery is quite nice.

daoc models are a joke, the scenery is ok though

i think we have some fundamentally different ideas of what good graphics means.

07-01-2004, 21:19:36
Asheron's Call 2 is the best looking MMORPG.

07-01-2004, 22:16:56
I do think AC2 looks pretty damn nice. Horizons looks even nicer imo though.

08-01-2004, 17:21:57
Good discussion! I appreciate the insights of all you experienced MMORPG folks. It's something I've wanted to tinker with for awhile, but just haven't found the time to do. SWG especially has piqued my interests.

Quick question for any of you that have messed around with these types of games, how much time do you NEED to put in to really get somewhere? I'm not talking about achieving superstardom or anything, just to accomplish something and have fun. Is it worth my while if I can only log on once every other week or so, or should I not bother?

08-01-2004, 17:28:17
I'm still waiting for the fishing pic. :)

And good discussion.

08-01-2004, 19:28:47
Guy, depends on the game.

All the games are really trying to gain more casual gamers but all of them require a significant amout of time to get anywhere just because of the community.

Now if you just want to make a few friends play any of them.

If you want to "get somewhere" casually playing I would recommend completely avoiding EQ and FFXI. Both are games designed for the hardcore grinder. So far FFXI only has the grind and EQ most of the best game is at the high end so it would take you a LONG time to get there playing casually. Although there are many great guilds that have no desire to be part of the end game and have for years catered to mid and low level action.

UO don't bother casual unless you feel alright leaving the computer on and macro leveling while not home. I have not played the new AO expansion so cannot comment on that.

I would, for the casual gamer, recommend either Horizons or SWG.

Both you cna log on and be doing something productive in any of your fields in 5 minutes.

SWG if you like scifi and PVP. You can advance fairly rapidly, in fact casual gamers who are playing for fun rather than to be uber don't notice the grind much in this game. The biggest drawback for this game is that anyone can solo so easily that if you want to only group and are not a rebel or imp you may have to organize groups yourself. If you are on a faction you will be standing around and get invites as soon as you hear someone yell "THERE ARE IMPS IN CORONET!!!". Socially if you just want to hang out and play chatroom the cantina on the busy planets and cities are always full. As a casual gamer also don't bother being a crafter there will be too many hardcore people competing with you. Or you can be a crafter of something odd like medical supplies or just be a miner and make good money.
SWG started very badly but they have added in most everything they left out. Vehicles, the GCW, mounts, cities, etc. And like I said, the PVP aspect of this game is great. Oh, and people know how to unlock the jedi slots now. Its a long and hard as hell process, and jedi are permadeath and if they use any of their powers they become flagged for PVP and a message is set to bounty hunters, but they are cool.

Horizons SHOULD also be pretty good for a casual gamer. Progression is rapid, most anyone can solo. No shops so anyone can sell their goods at the market equally (unlike SWG where players have their own stores). A VERY cool class system where you can switch classes at any time and exp in another one while retaining all the skills at half the skill level of your other class. Ex I have a Half Giant who started as a warrior, picked up a little druid so I can heal and regen myself, picked up some cleric for heals and slows, a little mage for long range pulling, reached level 20 and stripped naked and became a beserker with a giant ass axe.

Horizons also has the option to play a dragon. You start as a baby/hatchling and supposedly after a certain amout of time and other things you will be an adult and can fly etc. Dragons are very weak as hatchlings and it is rumored take at least 60 days online played time to even be eligable to look at being an adult, so hardcore only :).

Horizens is based around a world where it is being invaded from the north by undead hordes. A good portion of the release world is still blocked off and the lands near the bridges need to be reclaimed before the bridges can be rebuilt. Very low variety in monsters but a very interactive and ever changing world.

08-01-2004, 19:31:27
Oh, and I play both of those games casually. The only problem I have on either of them is that I keep forgetting to pay maintenence on my house in SWG and then don't play for a coule weeks and find out my house is no more.

08-01-2004, 19:47:31
Oh and reading back up.

Greg, most of the big problems you mentioned in SWG have been fixed or are being improved now since beta. They really fucked up releasing when they did.

08-01-2004, 22:04:08
Cool, thanks HK, the information is very much appreciated. I'll have a look at the SWG subscription rates sometime soon and see if I think I can make a go of it.

I see persistent online worlds as becoming the chat forums of the future. You want to meet people and hang out and discuss stuff, you pick a MMORPG with aspects that interest you and then look for the cool bars/clubs/whatever and hang out. Get bored? Grab some buddies and go adventuring for a bit. Like living a true fantasy life. It just seems like a natural extension of where these things are heading. MUDDs and such have proved that people are willing to interact this way, and it just seems like a lot of fun to mess around in a world that's full of actual PEOPLE rather than just badly coded AI.

08-01-2004, 22:28:46
I think SWG is 14$ a month. Not sure though.

And yeah, MMORPGs are what MUDs used to be with much better graphics :).

If you want a game where it has chatting, adventuring, and a chance to interact with more than a generic AI go for SWG.

EQ have very stupid AIs with special scripts etc for certain events but still very simple. FFXI is just as simple, Horizons has a few newer nice features, but still dumb as a brick. SWG is stupid but it is at least smart enough for an NPC with a gun not to charge a player with a sword. The NPC will move back or run firing at you as you try to approach. And add the PVP of SWG and you get real competitions.

EQ pvp servers are very nasty places with the uber squads not new player friendly at all. FFXI has no PVP yet but plans to release info over the next few months about adding it so all you have is the endless grind. Horizons has no pvp at all but plan to add it in an expansion but there are tons of GM events where towns are raided by GM controlled characters that could count as pvp.

Greg W
08-01-2004, 23:55:42
Oh, and be prepared for a lot of 12-14 year olds running around being '1337'.

Just to give a bit of feedback on the "upper" end of EQ (my guild, "Southern Armada" is ranked about 5/6 on our server). It's funny, I remember back when I started EQ, all of about 4 years ago now. The game was barely 6 months old, and I don't think that I saw a level 50 for about the first 2 months that I played. I remember seeing a level 30 in full bronze armour and thinking how uber he was.

Back then though, playing and having fun meant adventuring. Running from Freeport to Qeynos was a real challenge, and a damned long run at that. But, oh, the sense of achievement when you managed it. You could easily spend an hour doing nothing but running, and it was great fun. Heck, just watching a Nerfomancer (Necromancer) AFK exping in Freeport was fun for a good 10 mins.

Unfortunately, for many people, the need to progress becomes too much, and they concentrate merely on levelling as quickly as possible, and as efficiently as possible. For a great majority of people, this means they ignore the social aspects of the game, and level their arses off. They play about 20 hours per week, and that's just to stay on par with everyone else who's doing the same.

And then there's loot complaints. OMG, can you say Rubicite? Man, am I glad I was just too young to experience that shitfight. Early on, people tend to figure out where the best items drop. At least in EQ they did, cos the same MOBs spawned in the same spot and dropped the same items. All randomly interspersed with other spawns and other drops, but if you wanted a Ghoulbane, you had to camp a certain spawn spot, then kill the Shin Lord over and over again until he dropped Ghoulbane.

And then hope that nobody ninja'd it, and that you won the random for it. Some people camped it for a full day (I am talking 24 hours straight), and never saw a single drop. Others walked in, killed it and got one straight away.

And stuff like this became the way of life for people. They obsessed on it, levelling as quickly as possible, and camping all the best items (OMG, lists in LGuk. /shudder).

If you want to try and play an MMORPG, just be aware that people like this are the majority. Or at least, they're the majority that you see most of the time cos they are playing, well, all the time. There are also a lot of them that are very nice too, when you manage to catch them in a quiet moment. There are a lot of people out there that only play occasionally too, and they're usually nice too. You just don't see them as often, especially if you play casually too.

Don't get me wrong, they are great fun. Playing for 4+ years attests to that. But a lot of shit does go down, and you have to be prepared for it. And then there's the people that you meet and stay in touch with, that become very good friends. They're what makes it worthwhile.

Dunno what the point of that was, but there you go... :D

09-01-2004, 02:29:39
pvp may become a big thing between the galka and san d'orians when pvp starts in ffxi....
I've never played horizons and the only other mmorpg i dabled in was everquest...i like ffxi much better. I actually do think they did a great job in creating the world and though parts arn't pretty (what desert is "pretty"? it's supposed to be harsh), that's what makes the game so rich..it's real and yet fantasy. and when you view it through a good video card, there are so many little details that come blazing out at you.
You do have grind but that's because you're constantly trying to keep up with the people you meet who seem to have time to play nonstop all the time and go zooming up the ranks..and the japanese who have had the game for quite awile already.
I also like their translator feature which allows you to talk to the japanese players who can't speak english. it makes leveling with them possible.

09-01-2004, 04:50:20
Aww greg. You missed the rubicite fights? You suck. EQ was teh king of camping. At least now with the release of EQ:LDON that is no longer the case for most people since dungeons are instanced for groups of 3-6 people or for whole raids. Now people in guilds trying to do planar progression, or behind the times doing things like EMp and VT keys, they still get all that fun. Most of the old camping is gone in most of the game. Not too hard to get even the worst of epic camps.

Were you playing when some servers enforced a schedule for the ragefire kills for cleric epic? Where at times people would actually sched 2-4 weeks in advance for a chance to sit with their guildmates for a 4 hour strech for a chance that the trigger mob would spawn. That was entertainment!

And Devilmunchkin, again, nothing really that stands out as making the game great. I play on a 3.06 Mhz, Rad 9800, with 2 gig of ram. I can almost get SWG going well at max settings. The deserts in SWG and horizens look breathtaking. Most of FFXI looks to me like a Doctor who set. ANd for immersion the cartoonish disproportioned FFXI character models completely ruin that.

I like and dislike the translator feature. It does some things alright, but many things poorly. I also miss the nonenglish chat from the japanese, taiwanese, and korean players in other games who speak no english.

"QQ la~ 123 ^_- Oo>>> %T is COOMING!!!~

09-01-2004, 10:14:23
wow, lots of things to comment on, so i'm going to answer some random points i remember

first, on cost: Hk you made some point about ffxi being expensive, $1 for every extra character, etc. As you well know, unlike most games, 1 character in ffxi can master every job and skill without losing anything they have already gained. You can switch jobs as you please and make any of your other levelled jobs a sub job. If you start as a hume you need never ever buy another character slot. You can master every job in the entire game and never have to sacrifice one to master another. So your basic character cost is your only cost. and at i believe $12.95 that means ffxi is cheaper than SWG.

ok secondly Hk makes a point about swg's AI being better than other games in that a guy with a gun will keep his distance from a guy with a sword. Try luring a spell casting monster or a monster with a ranged weaon in ffxi and you will see exactly the same thing. The monster will stay where he is and cast spells or shoot arrows at you and mohammed will have to go to the mountain if he wants to melee.

we can have the graphics agrument til the end of time. I found some great hi res player taken screenies on a forum last night that i will gladly post here. If anyone thinks they look like a doctor who set, please post and tell me. I will do the pepsi challenge with anything from SWG any day.

HK you also said UO was not casual friendly and you keep going on about macroing. I beg to differ on both points. I never used an unattended macro on any skill and i gm'ed at least 10 in my time. Maybe there are unattended macroers out there but so what? you can gm skills and enjoy it without macroing, so if those guys just want to be 1337 as quickly as possible that's their game, i enjoyed it my way.

You keep talking about the level grind but er....aren't you playing the game while you level? And if you enjoy the game then aren't you enjoying levelling? When i GM'ed animal taming in UO it took me about 9 months of on/off play. It is notriously one of the hardest skills to GM and i'm sure i could have done t qucker ad i been obsessed with GM'ing it, but once i did GM it, i felt a strange lack of achievement. The grind was the enjoyable bit, working towards the goal was a reward in itself.

If i had been able to wrap an mmorpg up in a couple of months i'd be very disappointed, because i know i will be playing this game for many months if not years. Too many of the NA players on the ffxi boards i read are only concerned with levelling as quickly as possible, so they can get their 1337 gear and pose at the AH. That's bullshit to me.

I should also mention FFXI at least has a strong central storyline which the player progresses as they complete the (optional) missions. This storyline extends right through to the very highest levels of the game, and contrasts strongly with anything i have seen in other mmorpg's. These missions are integrated with boss monster fights and other special stuff that is a million miles away from the 'grind'.

I really don't want to come across as the FFXI fanboi here, but if HK will shit on it in every post i will have to defend it.

Greg W
09-01-2004, 14:20:22
Heh, neither of the servers that I ever played on (Cazic Thule, then transferred to Prexus) ever had 4 hour time slots for Ragefire. On both it was just show up, put your name on a list, then wait until it was your turn. If you logged off, you lost your spot. AFAIK Prexus still runs that way now. Many were the stories of people taking a week off work to camp Ragefire, and staying logged on the entire time, often with occasional help from friends so they could grab a few hours sleep.

Now that's one camp I am glad I never had to do. :eek:

I was around when Rubicite was all the rage. But I think I was only level 25 or so at the time (jeese, where was I, deep in Unrest IIRC, or sometimes doing UGuk/Highkeep/Najena/SolA/Permafrost), and as such could never get in. Esp when the best camps took two groups to hold down. And I was a Paladin, back when they had the group exp penalties, and (almost) nobody wanted them in groups.

I got both my Emp and VT keys, so I know what camping is all about. Even flagged for all of the Elemental Planes, just lacking the 4 gods for PoTime. And that was as of, er, 6-9 months ago when I stopped playing. Sad thing was I just completed my VT key before I stopped playing. Never got to go in there.

09-01-2004, 14:30:28
I play both AC2 and FFXI, and AC2 has a much stronger story system (with the vaults, especially).

It's an added bonus that every month in AC2, the story progresses and world-changing events occur (they can change everything easily, make the world dark and gloomy with comets shooting overhead, etc).