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The Mad Monk
12-11-2003, 09:56:45
My secondary hard drive seems to have died.

The electronics appear to be fully responsive (I managed to keep track of the diagnostics disk, and ran it), but it failed a SMART self test and got a fatal error on track 0.


Anyone know a good data recovery service? :(

12-11-2003, 21:53:11
The NSA.

But local recoverers? Cannot think of any.

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Alexanders Horse
12-11-2003, 21:56:44
Give it a swift kick.

12-11-2003, 22:27:39
Was just talking about this yesterday with a tech. He said data recovery like that can cost many thousands of dollars.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
12-11-2003, 23:33:39
Yeah, on the radio here there's a Geek show I caught last Friday. Data recovery usually runs to in excess of $1k, depending on how trashed your drive is of course.

And if they fail to recover your data, it'll still be expensive, just not quite as expensive.

The Mad Monk
13-11-2003, 07:43:38
I got a lead over at Poly on something called easurecovery (http://www.ontrack.com/easyrecovery/).

Anyone have any experience with it?

I may just have to try the ice trick

14-11-2003, 03:55:47
Once I saw it I knew what ya meant. I have heard of some ppl having success, and in your case it might actually be of benefit - especially since it is having problems with track 0, meaning it cannot read the MBR or MFT, but that the data is most likely intact.

If you can download a trial version, give it a spin and see what it can find.

14-11-2003, 04:47:34
Judging by the title of the thread you need viagra.

The Mad Monk
14-11-2003, 05:53:08
Oh, that goes without saying.