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30-10-2003, 14:57:15
Saw these guys at the Fez club in Reading last night. Although i knew the name, i had never heard anything by them at all and didn't even really know what kind of music it was.

The core of the band is two guys in their early twenties from Brighton. The music is melodic with mogwai-like instrumental touches. For tour purposes they make up the band with some session musicians.

Well at any rate i thought they were excellent. Some great heavy guitar bits and the two guys came across as very nice chaps. My gf's friends tell me the first album is much more melodic and the newish second album is the heavier, darker one. Online i've seen mixed reviews of the second album but everyone seems to think the first is brilliant.

I shall probably buy them both - anyone else have any opinions, or seen them live?

30-10-2003, 15:13:13
They used to play around Brighton quite a lot while I was living there. I saw the end of their set once when they were third on the bill to (I think) Biffy Clyro and The Cooper Temple Clause. Can't say I paid too much attention at the time, but they seemed ok.

I think Rik might have put a track from the first album on an old LWP.

30-10-2003, 15:29:13
i miss that guy, when's he going to log onto CG again?

30-10-2003, 15:33:15
No internet @home and open plan office.

30-10-2003, 15:44:14

i guess no adsl in exeter, or is shakey just a cheap bastard

30-10-2003, 15:49:07
He's getting it but they need to work out how to get the connection from the phone socket (ground floor) to their bedrooms (third floor).

30-10-2003, 16:17:55
Wireless! harr harr harr

30-10-2003, 16:20:46
That's what I said but someone told him it was crap so he doesn't want it. :rolleyes:

30-10-2003, 16:24:42
Well, I miss the little scamp, too! :(

The Shaker
03-11-2003, 19:11:19
Very Quick late night work post....

Hope to be online soon.
ESP first album I Like.

played constantly for a few weeks (until i overkilled it in my head)

I put one on a LWP4 i think.

Miss you guys too