View Full Version : The next Civ3 has gone gold...

27-10-2003, 20:23:33
...if anyone here cares.

Side note: Suddenly, Gamespot has started calling it "gone golden". And not just Civ3. All the golds... is that because of the occasional "gold" edition of games... like Civ3 Gold (which is the base and first expansion)? With Civ3, I presume they did for their "funkodumb" word play. But they continue the gone "golden" with other stories... and they started it before Civ3. Any clue?

27-10-2003, 22:37:51
I care. NYE probably doesn't care as he's been playing it for months.

28-10-2003, 08:45:07
Well, enjoy it then, FP!

28-10-2003, 09:10:39
Hopefully I will, it looks a damn sight better than the last expansion. Not that that is saying a great deal...

28-10-2003, 12:55:01
Well, try it out, and let us old school Civ fans know if it's worth bothering with then. How about it?

28-10-2003, 13:49:29
I'll be in Korea when it is released. No Civ time for me. Possibly I can convince my g/f to let us buy a second-hand PC for our apartment out there, in which case I'm sure I could get hold of a copy by some means.

The Mad Monk
31-10-2003, 07:54:21
I'm having fun heavily modding it just to see what I can get away with. Conquests offers more options, so I'm already liking it.

I'm not playing Civ 3 -- I'm playing The Mad Monk's SimNation as perpetrated on an unsuspecting copy of Civ3PTW. :)

31-10-2003, 17:09:51

doesn't look too bad, especially compared to the last expansion pack. I might be tempted...

Resource Consumer
31-10-2003, 19:41:01
Sid has your plonker on a chain

05-11-2003, 07:32:29
Now, that was funny.