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Sir Penguin
26-10-2003, 20:56:00
Which one's better?

Just kidding. SO, I'm trying to fix my friend's computer, which is giving a BSOD on bootup (Windows XP Pro); something about a hardware failure. I figure it's the hard drive, so I see if I can mount it in my computer. I can't, so I put one of my spare hard drives (one that works) in my friend's computer, install WinXP, and get the same BSOD. THEN, my dad calls and tells me that they had installed a half-gig of fresh RAM about a week before the problems had started to occur. :rolleyes: I install the old RAM, and everything works fine, insofar as it can work fine when you're running Windows XP on 64 MB of RAM.

I've noticed that the new module has a set of chips on both sides of the unit, whereas the old module has chips on just one side. I thought that having chips on both sides of a memory module was a unique characteristic of DDR memory, and SDR memory modules only had one bank of chips. Not to say that I'd read that anywhere, but it's what I've noticed, and it's what makes sense.

Is that the case? (clearly it's not, but I might as well ask anyway, I'm stuck)

Incidentally, Windows 98SE and Debian 3.0 both work fine on my friend's computer, with the old hard drive and the new RAM, although it's a challenge to work with that drive. It's definitely on its way out.


26-10-2003, 21:03:04
Gremlins...definitely gremlins.

28-10-2003, 11:25:10

Sir Penguin
28-10-2003, 11:32:46
Nifty, thanks.

Here's hoping it will boot to the floppy. :)