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21-10-2003, 19:08:50
Paradox, who brought forward the award winning Europa Universals and the widely acclaimed Hearts of Iron is ready to realise the next game in this series, "Victoria."

Game play will be based upon the Victorian age, with players assuming the rolls of the Great Powers.

A RTS, it should be good for MP as well as single play.

I'm slated to recive a review copy, so I'll let you know how it is.

26-10-2003, 20:56:59
Would be nice of you, I'm really looking forward to this game.

26-10-2003, 20:57:45
BTW, check this for an in-game movie: http://www.europa-universalis.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=109495

24-11-2003, 18:24:35
It finally arrived today, a month late, and already into it's first patch!

30-11-2003, 09:48:55
<coff coff> So? Comments? Review? :p

30-11-2003, 13:29:46
Fist? You still alive?

30-11-2003, 14:17:40

30-11-2003, 15:31:14
My review will be in about a week, only played it twice so far.

It made it through the entire campaign without crashing the first time, it crashed the second, playing as the USA (ranked #3 when I finished,) and Japan (ranked #10 when the game crashed in 1911, just as I took Indochina.)

There is an amazing amount of detail in the game, but you can set the AI to handle a lot of crap until you need to make certain decisions.

One thing, no matter your tax rate, you get revolts like crazy, and it's HIGHLY unlikely little countries will ever be turned into world powers, the economic model is extremly harsh.

EVERYTHING is money driven in the game, if you can't get your economy stabilized, you can suceed. Unlike many other games, you have to pay matenence on built military units, so big armies cost a lot of cash.

09-12-2003, 20:39:21
Originally posted by Fistandantilus
<coff coff> So? Comments? Review? :p http://www.strategyinformer.com/reviews/victoriaempireunderthesun.shtml

The two biggest problems with the game are excessive clicking (a million things to do) and the fact that China and Prussia become far to powerful, while Britain usually fades.

10-12-2003, 08:46:24
just ordered it, I've always liked this period
looking forward to have France steal all the colonies of the british dogs

11-12-2003, 03:47:26
I understand the game a little better now, France can be very powerful, but take heed, in the late game the AI Prussia and Austria build hundreds of divisions, so watch out for this, and even if your on friendly terms, there are 'scripted' war events, so be ready for this.

11-12-2003, 09:08:55
The rise of both nationalism and democratic mouvements would never have allowed the austrian-hungarian empire to do anything else but implode. I wonder how well these internal tensions are simulated.

11-12-2003, 16:14:06
Not to well, as far as Austria goes.

One game as Russia, they attacked me with over 600 divisions late in the game, and they often have the military and industry to be a great power.

The game allows players to make certain decisions that can mitigate the problems you mention, so it's possible to avoid the ethnic balkans problems, and it seems the AI likes doing this. Once it does, the Austrains build enormous armies of good quality.

I know, it is rediculous historically, but Paradox knows about the problems, and the follow on patches will address this.

11-12-2003, 16:42:20
anyway, the arbitrage is always difficult when you get into alternative history. On Russia you mention for example, there are two strongly opposed schools of historians, one leaning to the left (or downright marxixt) claiming thet the 1917 revolution was unavoidable (inability of russian noblesse to reform + build up of an industrial proletariat = revolution), and the other one finding many evidences of real reforms and economic growth that would have allowed a more peaceful transition to social-democracy if not for the political acumen of Lenin and the hazards of war.

If modelled in the game, the 1st school would mean a scripted event (let's say after 3 years of war, a massive revolution) and the second one would allow Russia to prosper and roll over europe

11-12-2003, 16:57:32
The game is far from perfect, but it does include 'war weirness' as a percentage factor that grows over time.

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12-12-2003, 10:03:21
marital spirt:)

Chris, thanks for the review. I am quite keen on this but I don't think it is out in the UK until February (Paradox have a shite published here) and I am wary of getting one from the US as the patch thing can get very confusing with the way this game is set up. Anyway, a question for you.

I have played EUII a lot (loved it, almost the best game ever) and HoI (man that sucks). I don't know if you have played either but, if so, how do you rate Victoria compared with the other two?

12-12-2003, 20:16:51
I have played them both, Victoria is far superior to both.

It's far more stable, actually works without a patch (the first patch just added a scenario and some leader pictures), and it's fun to play for many countries.

So far, I have tried it as 10 different countries, winning twice, as USA and as Britain.

There are some problems, some of the events don't work, and a few other things, but Paradox usually cures these ills in later patches, so it shouldn't be a big issue.

14-12-2003, 14:21:51
Paradox just annouced that the next patch will be out next week, that corrects the manpower problems and weakens China.

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15-12-2003, 09:39:29
Thanks Chris,

I shall get this on release here.

15-12-2003, 17:08:59
I've got the game, it's good BUT I CAN'T FUCKING MERGE UNITS!!!!!! try conquering the world with little bits of armies...

I can't split them up, oh yes thank you, but not merge them
the manual says to 'select several units with shift, whic I can't do, and then press G, which doesn't work either
I'm shelving this game until someone explains that to me

15-12-2003, 19:06:23
You can't split units?

Click on the formation, at the bottom of the pop-up that appears it will state "make new unit"

Click that, and your formation can be split. Of course you must have at least 2 ships or divisions in the formation for this to work.

Also, ship formations that have combat units loaded cannot be split until they are unloaded.

16-12-2003, 08:43:59
I meant I can split but not merge
thanks for the answer anyway

I finally found how : drag a box around the units then a button 'merge' appears

my first campaign with france goes well, after a first attempt where I run a deficit of 300.000 gold, I discovered you should slam people with obscene taxes and get very high custom taxes. I'm now awash with money, but I'm sure there will be a price to pay. The political consciousness of my people seems very high (and we're only in 1845).

16-12-2003, 21:53:08
The price will be continous revolts in all your provinces, that can only be put down with military.

The thing to do is build RIALROADS in EVERY province, they upgrade the resources, so they are worth more money, so you can lower taxes.

Taxes and tarriffs enrage the public, my guess is your entire country is on the verge of massive rebellion. If you have the 1,01 patch installed, it was a "revolt risk map" option, that shows possible revolt areas in red. From what you describe, france will be red completely.