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19-10-2003, 18:39:56
Let me know what you think.

Chiang Mai

If you haven't checked out the other tunes, have a listen to them at: www.bleeding-ear.co.uk


19-10-2003, 18:51:10
That's wicked. I particularly like the bit at about 2.40 when it sort of gently 'kicks in'.

19-10-2003, 18:55:44
That's my favorite bit too. It's quite grown up and WOMAD-esque. I've found my sound now I think. :)

19-10-2003, 19:05:45
It sounds like my brothers entire CD collection. See if you can download anything by Tosca/Kruder & Dorfmeister/Peace Orchestra. They do a similar kind of thing, though it's a bit jazzier and a lot less Womady.

19-10-2003, 19:41:44
Have you listened to Planet of the Ninja yet? That's more jazzy

19-10-2003, 19:44:16
Yes, it's good but a bit short. Very Brown Paper Bag-y.

19-10-2003, 20:06:54
There are some beautiful nature sounds in there (african waterhole?).
I'm also a fan of the 2'40 drum intro. Nice softly played snare.

With all the nature sounds, ethnic tongues and melodies melded with the techno gismos, soundbites and drum track, the tune, to me, symbolises the simbiosis of trad / natural with modern / un-natural. In my minds eye movie scene, I see a young Aborigine or african trisbeman reaching the age where he has to decide on forging ahead and living fully in the modern world or sticking to his roots. If music can create images in people's minds, then you are doing something right. Only one negative comment, I thought that after hearing it once, I would hear the "I love you" sample a couple more times. Either that or similar phrases to create a story throughout the track.
To me, this is the best Bagua track so far.
You seem to be able to create very "scenic" music, the type of music that is often found in european films - La lune dans le caniveau, Metro, Betty Blue etc.

19-10-2003, 20:10:54
Rob, can you take the jazz style cigarettes away from Mr Simpleton please.

19-10-2003, 20:14:52
Originally posted by Debaser
Rob, can you take the jazz style cigarettes away from Mr Simpleton please.


19-10-2003, 20:40:13
Jesus, He's as weird as me.

23-10-2003, 18:15:16
That's really, really good!

24-10-2003, 08:18:24
I missed this thread! Will download it now.

Matt, did you download the other tracks from www.bleeding-ear.co.uk?

24-10-2003, 08:23:28
That's really good. My favourite one of the three Bagua tracks. The 2'40 bit is my favourite too, but it wouldn't work without the build up.

Really like your website changes as well. :beer:

Now you've learnt how to do it feel free to add news to the SU front page.

24-10-2003, 12:31:23
I don't have internet access at my student house at the moment. I also don't have any earphones or anything at university so I can only download and listen to stuff when I go to my parents house with laptop. So that's my excuse.