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Scabrous Birdseed
19-10-2003, 12:48:18
I've finally got a bit more time so I'm gonna make another compilation. You've got four options:

(a) Feel! - A thematic history of soul and its component styles focusing on Gospel, Blues-Soul, Country-Soul, Deep Soul and culminating in the Al Green 70s.

(b) Sweden II - More swedish music, including more songs actually in Swedish.

(c) World City Music - A compilation of music from my radio show. Modern music from five continents focusing on geographically-restricted urban music styles.

(d) Songs About Trains - Songs about trains. Engine 54, Last Train To Expo 67, Midnight Train To Georgia, Trans-Europe Express, Mystery Train, etc.


Okay, maybe not the last one.

19-10-2003, 13:05:06
It's got to be the trains compilation.

Feel free to borrow Across the Tracks from the last LWP, and don't forget to include the Monkees classic Last Train To Clarksville. Train in Vain by the Clash is pretty good too. You could even end the CD with the popular-with-school-bands swing classic Pennsylvania 6500.

19-10-2003, 13:46:11
Jumping Someone Else's Train by The Cure. Could be an amazing compilation.

Scabrous Birdseed
19-10-2003, 14:07:44
I suppose we could all do it togehter. A Counterglow Trains compilation, where the CD gets sent around from person to person and everyone puts on some train tracks of their choice.

19-10-2003, 14:24:37
Who was The Tracks of My Tears by? Smokey Robinson and the Miracles maybe.

Other tracks could include Going Underground or Down In The Tube Station At Midnight by The Jam, Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan, Songs of Trains and Rivers by Jonny Cash (I think??) or even This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore by Elton John.

Scabrous Birdseed
19-10-2003, 17:04:15
Right, purely on the Trojan box sets there's Engine 54, Train to Skaville, Last Train to Expo 67, Skinhead Train, Rude Boy Train, CN Express...

19-10-2003, 17:24:08
Trans Europe Express
Chatanooga Choo Choo

Immortal Wombat
19-10-2003, 20:55:36
Local Boy in the Photograph

19-10-2003, 21:02:12
Downtown Train.

19-10-2003, 21:31:07
Originally posted by Immortal Wombat
Local Boy in the Photograph

Am I being think, or does that title have nothing what so ever to do with trains.

19-10-2003, 21:47:21
You are being think.

19-10-2003, 21:51:45

19-10-2003, 21:52:50
Maybe the full title's "Local Boy In The Photograph (Tied To The Tracks)"

Immortal Wombat
19-10-2003, 23:05:34
The title doesn't. That wasn't the criterium.

19-10-2003, 23:17:42
I've just read the words and I take it all back. Sorry.

20-10-2003, 08:43:25
Some crap music to lower the level of your compilation :D

Hurry Home by A-Ha
5:15 by Chris Isaak

20-10-2003, 08:53:49
All the way home - Spinal Tap.

20-10-2003, 10:11:12
Oh, and the obvious Long Train Runnin’ by the Doobie Brothers...

Scabrous Birdseed
21-10-2003, 14:52:39
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - This Train
Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet - Golden Gate Jubilee Train
The Temptations - Friendship Train
O'Jays - Love Train

Lazarus and the Gimp
21-10-2003, 16:40:29
Much as I hate to interrupt the flow of the thread, I think the "trains" compilation will suck monstrously.

Scabrous Birdseed
21-10-2003, 21:17:30
I'm litsening to a radio show on swedish P3 and they just played an early eighties Cocoa Tea track called "Victory Train" which, bizarrely, steals its chorus from the 1947 Rosetta Tharpe classic above. They've also played the Jackie Mittoo cover of "Train to Skaville".

Stefu X
22-10-2003, 14:02:02
Sweden 2. In case you make it, send one to me. I've been thinking about a collection of Finnish music in case anyone's interested, but don't have a burnin' at my disposal.

Scabrous Birdseed
22-10-2003, 15:37:08
Do you want Sweden 1 then?

22-10-2003, 16:42:53
Al Green,
WOO HOO! :beer:

Immortal Wombat
22-10-2003, 17:06:22
Originally posted by Stefu X
Sweden 2. In case you make it, send one to me. I've been thinking about a collection of Finnish music in case anyone's interested, but don't have a burnin' at my disposal.

Stefu X
24-10-2003, 09:02:03
Sure, why not.

Scabrous Birdseed
15-11-2003, 20:48:42
I'm probably making option (c) now 'cause real people have been asking me for it. However I've just spent the evening listening to Kajsa Grytt, Miss Universum and Dusty Springfield, so now I feel more like the other two options... :(

Scabrous Birdseed
15-11-2003, 20:49:09
Stefu, you still want the CD? PM me.

15-11-2003, 22:03:30
The Nits - The Train

nce on a cold grey morning
I was walking home alone
The traffic light in the falling rain
The unanswered phone

I was so sad and lonely
On a lonesome avenue
So sad and lonely
What could I do

Once I opened a drawer
In a room of a strange hotel
I saw a photograph of you

You looked so sad and lonely
On a lonesome avenue
So sad and lonely
What could I do

Once in a railway station
In the city where I live
The windows were like mirrors
In this train
'Hey, what you're doing with your life'

17-11-2003, 22:56:15
Princess of the Night by Saxon has to grace any train related CD compilation nonsense.

20-11-2003, 11:19:35
just to aggravate the thread:
two by Rickie Lee Jones

Night Train (http://www.rickieleejones.com/lyrics/rljnighttrain.htm)
Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking (http://www.rickieleejones.com/lyrics/pirwoodydutch.htm)

why the fuck the IMG tag of a SMALL jpg does not paste the pic but translate into a link...