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17-10-2003, 00:17:20
I bought The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and proceeded to go on a graphic novel binge (my wife would kill me if she knew how much scratch I've spent on comics lately).
Here's what I've read and my ratings (on a scale from 1-5).

LOEG ****
The Watchmen *****
Top 10 series *** 1/2 (concept better than story)
Alias (not based on the TV show) *** 1/2
Tom Strong I (kind of weak) ** 1/2
Supreme ****
Crisis on Infinite Earths ***
The Ultimates Vol. I (this is great!) *****
The Dark Knight Returns ***** (Frank Miller)
Kingdom Come (I hear the second one sucks) ****
Marvels *****

I think I'm missing a few, but you get the gist of it. I really don't like atypical superhero stories, but I am finding I like the stories about super heros--Marvels is a great 3rd person look at this--and things with a bit of a story to them.

What's your list of favorites? Any suggestions, based on what you see me reading?
This is a vice I can ill afford.


17-10-2003, 08:07:06
Totally agree with Watchmen, still consider it one of the greatest works of fiction i've ever read, comic or book.

V for Vendetta is another great series by Alan Moore.

You might like Frank Miller's Sin City, amazing art, noir type story.

21-10-2003, 19:16:58
Despite your not liking heros Sneak, get a copy of "The X-Men, God loves, man kills."

You won't be disapointed.

24-10-2003, 04:32:51
The Ultimate 6 line is very good too...spinoff of the Ultimates line (trying to rehabilitate six bad guys, including Sandman, Doc Oc, Goblin...).
Following the Smax (Top 10 spinoff by Moore) series...it's pretty odd...we'll see...the art is a bit "cartoony" for my tastes.
Finished "Earth X" and am now starting "Universe X".
The guy in the comic shop can now hand me things I've vaguely mentioned at last visit...uh oh.

25-10-2003, 14:35:29
Soon you'll be allowed into the back room. :nervous:

25-10-2003, 15:00:57
It stinks of nerd 'round here ...


26-10-2003, 05:20:50
Damn alter ego of mine...told him not to post.

26-10-2003, 10:42:51
Well, if I were *forced* to read graphic novels...It would be the Neil Gaiman Sandman Series. ;)

26-10-2003, 12:30:05
A few years ago I read a good series called 'Nowhere' about a young girl who moved into a new house and didn't like it. I always thought 8-Ball was a good comic too.

27-10-2003, 16:07:29
Sandman will probably be the next one I go to work on. I'm working on Universe X right now and am fairly disappointed in it...seems like a big, boring flashback sequence.

31-10-2003, 19:57:54
The Archie and Jughead Digests were quite good, too.

What is Jughead's birth name?

01-11-2003, 00:36:28
Good question...I don't know.

02-11-2003, 17:46:57
Forsthye is Jug's name.

Just remembered another good one sneak, "Death of Captain Marvel."

The captain surcumbs to cancer, in a comic book tour de force tear jerker.

self biased
02-11-2003, 18:35:34
one word: planetary. "what's that? don't like superheros? well, howabout really clever ones? like x-files? try this on for size..." s'what my freind at lone star comics/first federal comics said.

Howard the Duck. 'nuff said.

and finally, Pantheon. mostly because i know the guy who writes and inks it.

02-11-2003, 22:58:04
Read the 1st Planetary trade...may get the second one...still undecided.

self biased
03-11-2003, 09:21:07
dude. definitely get the second, and the three other issuse out there. the last one is fucking awesome. i hear rumours that Ellis and whats-his-face.

i also used to follow "the path" but i moved out of austin, and lost my subscription.

03-11-2003, 16:21:27
Well, I'm going from reading to writing them now...I have an artist friend who is good enough to go pro...we did one several years ago--basically an anthropomorphic Raymond Chandler type rescue/revenge tail (pun) with a bear as the protagonist called "Stumptown". Wish I could figure out how to put it on the web for you guys to see...

I'm just now fleshing some ideas out for a skewed hero story that borrows loosely from Le Guin's "Lath of Heaven" idea.

03-11-2003, 16:42:13
cool! maybe you can scan them or something...

03-11-2003, 19:25:29
Yeah...I have inked and black and white versions both, so...hmmmm...I'll figure something out...probably could go to Kinkos and put it on a disc and make copies to send cheap or something...

Anybody else work in print to electronic media?

03-11-2003, 22:16:30
Originally posted by Chris
Forsthye is Jug's name.

Whoa! Did you remember that or look it up? :lol:

Those were only good when I was seven, not sure why I could still remember Juggy's name.

04-11-2003, 18:18:15
I owned a comicbook store from 1987-1990.

I know all kinds of useless info. ;)

04-11-2003, 19:45:28
Chris, the comic god!

04-11-2003, 21:01:14
Am currently reading the new JLA/AVENGERS crossover story.
Plasticman is funny as shit.

Still, The Ultimates and Ultimate6 are the best things in superhero land, currently.

05-11-2003, 12:25:16
Speaking as someone who owns a complete original set of Watchmen and a good chunk of the first Sandman and Hellblazer series, I have to nominate them!:beer:

My favourite Superhero has to be Marshal Law - again I have everything that they ever produced of this, er, eccentric superhero!:)

Another prized possession is my original print run and autographed copy of Batman: The Killing Joke

Yes I am a comics nerd...:D

05-11-2003, 16:12:03
The X-Men/Teen Titans cross-over was better than the Avengers/JLA one.

05-11-2003, 17:22:58
I was a big titans fan

the storyline where they had to go to Olympus and battle the real titan Thea was brilliant

it was a pretty mature comic really, plenty of bed action for a superhero comic

05-11-2003, 19:07:55
The cross-over pitted the X-Titans vs Darksied of the New Gods mythos, who brings Dark Pheonix back from the dead.

It was done while both teams where in their glory days, back in the early 80s, by a top artist, Walt Simonson.

05-11-2003, 21:08:19
I see that DC is going around and signing all the freelance writers to their company, exclusively. Should make for some ugly relations.

04-12-2003, 02:22:21
I love Sandman, but the best graphic novels have to be the Ennis/Dillon series 'Preacher'. There's just some fantastic stuff in there. Its about a preacher who becomes possessed by an avenging angel at the same time God goes missing from Heaven- he then embarks on a search for God which leads him into weird situations with a Vatican led cult who are keeping alive the inbred descendants of Jesus, and all sorts of other colourful characters. Its full of gore and guns, sex and madness. He has a best friend who's a vampire, and a gun slinging pre Lara Croft girlfriend. Its brilliant in its dissection of religion, fanaticism and truth. So hip it hurts. Read it once and love it forever!I'm surprised no-one's mentioned it already.

Am annoyed that I bought the Extraordinary League of Gentlemen and then found out Sean Connery has ballsed it up. Has any comic transferred to the big screen successfully?

I love the certain blend of fantasy and realism in comics thats just not possible in any other format, be it art/film/novel. Graphic novels are often underpinned with really strong ideas and the art is incredible. I was raised on comics, and I just love the format. I love the dark film noir-esque qualities of graphic novels- skewed histories and twisted perspectives, anti-heroes and dangerous women. I'd love to participate in writing one, one day.

04-12-2003, 16:26:47
I'm pretty astonished at how poor the writing is in some of the "big" titles these days.
Even the average to good writers are bestowed the moniker of "great" in a under-talented field.
For me, writing a story in prose is a great starting point for a comic...then you can sit down with an artist and try and keep the plot intact while gleaning the most pointed dialogue, etc, from the larger work. It works a lot like distillation I guess.

I've been eyeing Preacher, but it is such a massive run of books and I can't seem to find the first trade compilation...but it looks like something I'd enjoy, Catholic upbringing aside.

04-12-2003, 19:26:07
If by trade compilation you mean the glossy big books (sorry I'm not that down with the lingo) you can get them on Amazon. The first one is called Preacher:Gone to Texas. I think there's 8 in total and two spin offs. I can't get the actual comics as there's no comic book shop anywhere near me (to my knowledge). Go to


to see the order they're in. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!

It really is worth reading, and don't worry he offends just about everyone outside the Catholic subset too.

04-12-2003, 21:23:53
Yah...will do...it was either that or Sandman next.

Lazarus and the Gimp
04-12-2003, 22:40:31
I'm not a big comics reader.

One exception is a series that appeared in "Deadline" about 12 years ago, called "Hugo Tate" by Nick Abadzis. There were two series.

It's just about a young man whose father dies, he has girlfriend trouble, has a bit of a breakdown, moves to America and has a harrowing time before having some sort of turning point at the edge of the Pacific.

The drawing style evolved throughout. From very primitive stickman-style drawing in the first episodes, the art just got gradually more naturalistic with each episiode. It was as if Hugo was becoming more human as his story was fleshed out.

Great story.