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Greg W
15-10-2003, 13:23:24
Just discovered a pretty danged good TBS called Silent Storm (http://www.nival.com/eng/s2_info.html). It's a WWI squad based tactical TBS, similar in some ways to the Jagged Alliance games from what I read (never got around to playing JA or JA II for various reasons).

Grab the demo here (http://cogs.games.bigpond.com/pc/resources/files/?action=details&id=8004), as it's the easiest place I can find it, as it ain't linked on the site for some weird reason.

Cool game though. :beer:

15-10-2003, 13:25:42
hey don't make things complicated, i just committed to buying CMAK :bash:

15-10-2003, 13:31:08
Some screenshots would be nice.

Greg W
15-10-2003, 13:50:44
At the risk of being own goaled here...

Try the art section (http://www.nival.com/eng/s2_grafic1.html) perhaps?

Otherwise, check out the Gallery at this Aussie based fan site (http://www.s2hq.com/).

15-10-2003, 13:51:27
I was hoping you'd post them here so I wouldn't have to go looking.