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13-10-2003, 13:11:55
So anyone bought it yet?

Am trying to resist and by breed instead but the release keeps slipping

Scabrous Birdseed
13-10-2003, 13:23:14

No longer Trippin
13-10-2003, 22:08:31
Know of plenty who have - has a tendency to run like shit - though on some systems it runs just fine, but not great. Bad recoding of the engine. The graphics are great, but it is the exact same game in SP and is minus one multiplayer option. Game does have some serious bugs that only pop up on some machines and not others - no patches have been made to fix many of them - only MP patches mainly to get it to run smoother.

14-10-2003, 08:22:11
Right, waiting for breed it is then.

14-10-2003, 09:03:33
couple of my cowies got this yesterday. Both of them have come in disappointed.

Although one had also bought Temple of Elemental Evil and he said that looked great.

14-10-2003, 12:18:42
It's the exact same game as on the X-Box.

14-10-2003, 12:23:05
they were saying the graphics look dated, so that makes sense

14-10-2003, 12:47:05
Most of the levels are the same too. Maybe even all of them. The only thing it's got going for it on the PC is a better MP arena.

14-10-2003, 12:50:31
for me, it was the reason to get the x-box, and why I got it : play on a huge screen (my PC monitor is fairly small, my TV is huge) with a vibrating stick... euh controller

controls with the mouse are much more precise, and quicker, of course

14-10-2003, 12:54:40
I've always hated shooter on consoles. Goddamn controllers just aren't good enough.

14-10-2003, 13:03:45
I did quite like Dreamcast Quake III, and of course Goldeneye.

14-10-2003, 13:07:11
breed is still listed as 7th november on hmv.

Bolton wanderers team manager is out soon though. (snigger)

14-10-2003, 13:26:54
Alright, you got me there on Goldeneye. That was a good shooter.

No longer Trippin
14-10-2003, 17:20:32
You just need plenty of CPU power, about a gig of memory, and a 9600 Pro or above to run with near max details with some AA and AF filtering above 800 x 600. Not many gamers have that, so it naturally sucks ass when it's at minimum resolution and settings still skipping along. Only things they redid were the textures (because of resolution obviously) and increased the shader usage - and they did a shitty job recoding the engine. Seems MS also paid them not to work on it during the time they didn't want it out as well - just seems rushed and everybody I talk to says the graphics look dated, especially for what is required. I'm just waiting for Deus Ex 2 mainly. Glad I waited for others to try it, as I'd have returned it.

21-10-2003, 13:56:14
To be honest I wouldn't bother...it may have been the bees knees on the Xbox but time has moved on and it looks nothing special these days while not really offering anything to the genre as a whole.

The fact that it runs so poorly on so many machines is something of a disgrace as well...it's not as if they've had enough time to sort the bugger out.