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01-10-2003, 15:04:02
One of the local shops is giving 20% off until the 4th...and I can't pass up an excuse to justify a PC purchase.
I have not purchased a PC game in a long time (the latest Combat Mission is the last) and I was browsing them last night.
They seem to fall into 3 basic categories: "builder" types with lots of micromanagement (which I hate, unless something is really innovative), myth/fantasy/D&D/historical battle type stuff and war. I like war games, but there were so many to choose from.

What caught my eye was the Star Wars Galaxies games, but I am not inclined nor do I foresee myself inclined to play it online.
Are such games pointless without MMORP facet, or is it a decent single player game?
I like the idea of building a "character" and having a story or rich world to go with that--something not based on endless quests and side quests and such. Like Sims but not with the endless drudgery and paper doll aspect.

Or is that the game EVERYONE is hoping for?
The Star Wars Galaxies seemed to get the closest to what I'd like (if you can believe the box!).

Any input or advice? What are you loving?

01-10-2003, 15:08:36
If you want a single-player version of Star Wars Galaxies then get Knights of the Old Republic. Everyone says it's great.

Star Wars Galaxies is a MMORPG and if you can't play it for at least 10 hours a week and don't want to become part of a gay twat star wars fanboy community then there's really little point in getting it.

01-10-2003, 15:10:08
Oh, KOTOR is only out for the XBox at the moment. Shit. It definitely will be out for the PC soon, though.

01-10-2003, 15:11:38
go for KOTOR : satisfying, well crafted, single player, will fit right into your heavy familly schedule and leave you time for your CM turns

01-10-2003, 15:23:39
Thanks...but I don't have a fucking XBox, I've got a PS2.

And Maroule--you are quite right--I AM looking for something that will do just that!
That's why CM has not spawned a divorce--it's fairly easy to play my turns in an hour or so and get back to wiping asses and such.

Is it just me, or are games just too one sided? Too much shooting, or managing or pretending you're Lord High Chancellor of Fairy Land online.....WTF?!?
Can't I just get a game I like that's normal?

01-10-2003, 15:27:35
BGH you cannot play star wars galaxies at all offline, so unless you change your mind do not buy it

anyway, stop being a freak and go out and get grand theft auto vice city, that will rock your world

alternatively if you want normality, buy the sims - then kill yourself

01-10-2003, 15:50:59
Vice City for the PS2 is a fucking amazing game. You can also easily play it in 10 or 15 minutes chunks if the missus and rugrats are on your case.

Get it!!

01-10-2003, 16:22:56
I have GTAIII and liked it until I got to the stupid ship mission in the first city and can't figure out how to kill all ten guys without getting 8 Ball whacked!!! Argh! Then I quit and haven't touched it since then...
Same story on Medal of Honor, where you can't auto save and I've been trying to get through the fucking radar station blowup mission for about 6 months.

But Vice City might be the trick...

01-10-2003, 18:24:52
That boat mission isn't really all that hard. Get one of your kids to do it for you. :p

01-10-2003, 18:26:37
Well, for slow games... I liked what the Rush Hour expansion brings to SimCity4. It's true that with the "U-Drive It" aspect, they added in GTA3 type missioning in your city... but that isn't it's primary purpose. In SC, it is very slow and tedius to build up to the various "rewards" buildings levels, as well as even slower and more tedius to build up a good cash egg to be able to do serious building. Rush Hour gives good, alternate paths to the reward buildings and make serious scratch.

In addition, all the traffic and transport expansion to the game really belong in the original. For those wantabee traffic analysis.

HW2 is out, and I hear it's HW, only updated. So if you want tedious RTS in space with Return of the Jedi swarms of fighters and small ships trying to blow up things... ;)

If you are into The Sims, then you should be already have Superstar. If you aren't into the Sims, then you shouldn't give a fuck. ;)

There is a new Age of Wonders pack out, but I haven't tried it so I don't know anything about it, other then I expect it's more of the same. AoW is a decent TBS game in the HoMM style, with more of a flavoring of MoM magic.

For just mucking around for a couple of hours, I'm doing SimCity4, GalCiv (Civ in Space), and AngBand/ZangBand currently. Occasionally playing other games for spice.

01-10-2003, 18:36:08
Yeah...sorry...but SimCity never really held my attention.
Sounds like they are adding some first person elements that might make it more my style, however...
Saw one called OrbII that looked pretty good...and a couple of other space games.
Shit...maybe I'll just by Battle of the Monsters or whatever on PS2...that looked like fun and my nephews will love it.

FP: my kids are 2 1/2 and 5! They won't be humiliating me at games for at least another six months.
I guess I'll just keep trying...at least I don't have to spend $100K over and over...just go from the last save...I know the trick is just to calmly go from left to right and zap dudes, but I keep (as my friends and I call it) pulling a "button boy" and spazzing out and screwing it up. Then I get frustrated about having to do it all over again and say "fuck this shit".

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
01-10-2003, 18:41:03
GalCiv is the only thing even remotely interesting me lately, everything else mentioned above generates a huge YAWN. But I'll probably be buying hardware before software anyhow - gonna get me a $60 watercooling attachment for my CPU :)

01-10-2003, 19:10:56
The new Age of Wonders pack got rave reviews from PC Gamer. I tended to bog down on the larger maps in the first version and never returned to finish it. Not so much because it was a bad game (its pretty good, really), but because it was a badly designed part of the campaign.

Galciv looks good, but I'm resisting that for now, too.

I currently have four games shelved and waiting for me to finish school, so I can somewhat relate to your problems with the real world ruining your fun.

01-10-2003, 19:47:13
BGH, the Rush Hour gives you "elements", but it isn't you playing GTA3 in a city map you designed. It's still SC4, with an optional spot of driving around in your city doing something. So if you don't like that SimCity play, Rush Hour is not going to "redeem" the game for you.

The problem is you said you need to have "chunky" games... games where you can play a chunk for a little while (15 to 90 minutes), put it down and come back later. That lets out a lot of things... TBSes are the main thing to go look at, I'd think, in that time frame. Something you can just let hang and while you go extract your wandering little one from whatever it is the wee thing has magically gotten into.

Maybe you should just stick with forumming. ;)

01-10-2003, 19:49:42
Humm... puzzle games might be interesting for you. If you like puzzle games. Check out www.PopCap.com for a few examples. Most of their games can be played "real time/arcade" style and "Turn based/puzzle" style.

Scabrous Birdseed
01-10-2003, 20:22:30
Tony Hawk's 4?

01-10-2003, 21:37:55
Hmmm....I guess the game I'm hoping for apparently does not exist.
Perhaps I should go back to school so I can design one that suits?

"Honey, we're hawking your wedding ring so I can become a game designer!"


Why don't they do something like SWG or Everqueer that doesn't require spending half you life and income to play it? Seems like there would be a strong market for the same concept with a single player component?!?

01-10-2003, 21:52:54

01-10-2003, 22:03:54
If what you want is an open-ended driven RPG where you make you own fun and aren't led through everything step by step then Morrowind will probably appeal. You'll need a pretty high-spec PC (or an XBox) to run it, though.

Greg W
08-10-2003, 13:38:55
Pfft, I ran Morrowind on an Athlon 1200, 256M RAM, GeForceII MX video card. Ran fine. So needing a top of the range PC is not a huge issue. Mind you, Morrowind also contains lots of quests and side quests. Not that you have to get involved with them if you don't want to...

KotOR will probably be similar to SWG in space. Kind of. In the meantime, perhaps Jedi Knight Academy? Or that a little too trigger/twitch happy for you?

What's keeping me amused atm is BF1942. Though I have been out of FPS games for so long that my reflexes suck somewhat.

08-10-2003, 14:58:41
NeverWinter Nights has some great player created games.

08-10-2003, 20:59:33
I bought War of the Monsters for PS2 but it's just a glorified WWF wrestling games and it is really fast!
Don't think my search is over...a friend is really enjoying Medeival Total War...anyone playing/ed that?

08-10-2003, 21:57:51
Own goal. Surely there can be no way that you haven't read Venom's infamous review of MTW.

08-10-2003, 22:54:35
Damn fine piece of work by me.

No longer Trippin
09-10-2003, 00:20:58
Vietcong, excellent FPS.

09-10-2003, 15:34:08
Ooops...sorry...good review, Venom.
Wow...that is one mean spirited and negative piece of work there, pal.
It makes sense, 'cause my buddy is one of those guys who builds scale replicas out of matchheads and shit...so something on the boring side would appeal to him.
Don't know why he thinks its so great, but then again, that guy will play any builder game ever invented and they bore me to fricking tears.
Problem is, I'm not that into FPS games, either....there needs to be more out there for the 'tweeners.
That's why I liked Freedom Force--a bit of strategy in choosing teams, a built of character building, a decent story and some good old ass kicking, but nothing too frenetic.

09-10-2003, 15:40:41
MTW got good reviews from pretty much everyone except Venom.

09-10-2003, 15:44:34
I really liked it.

09-10-2003, 15:50:02
I still think it sucks. Looking at the game box is enough to make me ill.

09-10-2003, 16:05:10

09-10-2003, 16:14:44
Well, to be fair, as I said in my review the RTS portion of the game is alright. But it's nothing special. Just more of the same. The turn based portion of the game was shit. Completely worthless, and apparently that's what makes the game special and "historical" because otherwise it's about as historical as Age of Empires.

09-10-2003, 16:29:40
oh i don't have an issue with your review, i just think you're a pussy if a game box can make you ill

09-10-2003, 18:34:15
Hmmm....perhaps it is Venom that is full of shit, then?

09-10-2003, 18:55:05
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
oh i don't have an issue with your review, i just think you're a pussy if a game box can make you ill

I really, really, really didn't like the game.

09-10-2003, 20:48:14
Originally posted by BigGameHunter
Hmmm....I guess the game I'm hoping for apparently does not Why don't they do something like SWG or Everqueer that doesn't require spending half you life and income to play it? Seems like there would be a strong market for the same concept with a single player component?!?

Humm... you mean, like Elite? Or NeverWinterNights ?

11-10-2003, 16:07:37
By Elite, do you mean Star Trek Elite Force or whatever? Isn't that on the Halflife platform?
I'm not ashamed to admit I like Star Trek...perhaps that's a good one to choose...and NeverWinter--is that related to Morrowwind, or are they similar but from different companies?

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
11-10-2003, 17:57:26
I think that, by Elite, he means Elite.


Sir Penguin
11-10-2003, 18:57:30
Neverwinter Nights is like Diablo, but without as much clicking, and uses 3rd Edition D&D rules. Morrowind is like NWN, but uses a completely different, skill-based ruleset; is first-person; has about as much clicking as Diablo; and has way more freedom (for example, you can jump in Morrowind). Vanilla Morrowind also has a far better story than vanilla NWN. Morrowind doesn't have a lot of high-adrenaline battles (excepting the ends of the expansions), especially if you play a thiefish character.

Also, Morrowind doesn't have a ridiculous rule that says that you can't rest immediately after exerting yourself.

Freelancer is a fun game, but its battles can get a little (no hypobole) high-pressure.


No longer Trippin
11-10-2003, 19:32:49
Morrowind has the shittiest game engine though, if you have 512 of ram and a G4 or an 8500 Radeon you'll be okay, otherwise it will be a damned slideshow. Add in the shittiest fighting interface ever developed (walk up to person and click to attack), the complete uselessness of magic in combat, and the slow framerates on all but monster machines. Add in a few interface fuckups along with a couple bugs, like falling through floors and it can be annoying. But if your an everquest junkie - it is a cheap alternative.

It's really open ended and great, but there comes a point when the game is just simply a chore to play instead of fun, and it comes out of nowhere. The end battles are easy. Hell, I can get nearly the best armor and weapons at level 5? Something is wrong when I'm at level 55 or 65 with weapons of nearly the same caliber, only slightly better.

11-10-2003, 20:37:59
BGH, about MTW, I found it excellent (it marked the beginning of our love affair with Venom, as his review is responsible for my arrival here, a year ago, to insult him)

however, you might find shogun total war, available at a heavy discount, and it's worth trying to see if you like the engine/genre

12-10-2003, 06:18:00
Ah ha...ok...that sounds like a plan. And I will check out Elite.
Anyone here have the balls to tell me which of the many Star Trek games are any good?

12-10-2003, 06:21:50
That would imply one of them was good.

Greg W
12-10-2003, 10:43:57
Originally posted by No longer Trippin
Morrowind has the shittiest game engine though, if you have 512 of ram and a G4 or an 8500 Radeon you'll be okay, otherwise it will be a damned slideshow.Oddly enough, I have to completely disagree here. As stated before, ran fine on an Athlon 1200, 256M RAM (from memory I think it only had 256 when playing it before, at most it had 384M), and a GeForce2MX Graphics card. Not a slideshow at all, I don't think that I ever experienced slowdown at all.

Take note however that this was vanilla Morrowind, no expansions. And probably running at 800x600 max.

12-10-2003, 12:49:58
I completely disagree as well, because I ran it on Athlon 1Ghz, 256 MB, Radeon 7200 64 MB. So yeah, if you need all the eye candy then, yes, you’ll need a mega PC. Otherwise it runs fine.

12-10-2003, 16:57:46
Originally posted by BigGameHunter
Anyone here have the balls to tell me which of the many Star Trek games are any good?

Star Trek Elite Force 2 is easily the best of the very few I've played. It's a slightly above average first-person shooter. Nothing spectacular, but there are plenty of worse games out there.

There should be a demo online somewhere.

No longer Trippin
12-10-2003, 18:20:00
Morrowing had ZERO Occlusion Culling, it ran just as well on a P4 3.06 as it does on a Duron 1200 given both have the same amount of ram and the same graphics card. Use Fraps and check your FPS in Balmora, then outside the city - then check it indoors... HUGE jumps indoors generally - why? Well there are less textures that it has to plot (since it now has to plot all in your LOS even if you can't see it). It can run decently, but it doesn't scale well at all. But video card and memory are EVERYTHING to that game, the processor makes LITTLE effect on the game. You also had to run 800x600, not good for a game then really. Was your vision set to max, what about the other settings? If they had Occlusion Culling you wouldn't see huge frame drops anytime you had a lot on the screen (that you know was there but couldn't see), as it wouldn't have to draw it.

It isn't a good engine when people with P4B 2.4's and above with tons of memory are pulling only two or three FPS faster in Balmora than someone with an early Palomino XP or even a Duron with the same graphics card. Only now with the power of current gen cards is the game seeing somewhat stable frames. Two add-ons and still no occlusion culling, no real combat system, still shitty magic, and a tedious selling interface... Not worth the money for the add-ons. They only paid artist, no real programming was involved there.

It was the best premade engine for the job, but they could have actually spent all that time they had in development optimizing it.

Sir Penguin
12-10-2003, 18:41:50
The add-ons add a "seller max" button for the selling interface. Bloodmoon has a "Mantle of Woe", which helps spellcasting a whole lot (5xINT added spell points). During the last bit I used Tinur's Hoptoad to jump up onto the wall, then firestormed the dozen bad guys that were running around below me, and finished off by summoning a few atronachs with Aryon's Helper. :)


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
12-10-2003, 18:52:12
Trip, I played Morrowind with a generic somethingorother from out of a Gateway desktop. It ran great.

Then I swapped the GFX card out for a generic TNT2 card. The only difference I really saw was a slight decrease in FPS, but an enormous mouse pointer slowdown.

I agree with some of your other criticisms though about the magic system (useful for the mark/recall system, not much else) and the "tedious selling interface" (where after a few trips out to various quest locations you could end up with tons of expensive equipment but can't easily sell it without exploiting game mechanic "features" (like waiting 24 hours out in the wilderness).

Still, it was a fairly good game with a half-decent story, and kept me amused for a few weeks at least.

13-10-2003, 04:28:00
The graphics engine in Morrowind in sub-par, but really who gives a fuck? It's fun, even if the combat is too simple and there's too much running around. It's still a very good, involved game.

21-10-2003, 14:05:00
Originally posted by BigGameHunter
Anyone here have the balls to tell me which of the many Star Trek games are any good?

The only ST game that I've enjoyed is the original Star Fleet Battle game...but that may because of nostalgia for the original board game.