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30-09-2003, 14:39:04
The last Championship Manager game/glorified patch to be developed by SI Games (and therefore also the last to be a top-seller) has been announced by Eidos.

Featuring 4 new leagues of nations no one is ever likely to play, including this seasons data update which can be downloaded for free anyway and a couple of 'new' features that were in previous versions (past meetings and live cup draws).

Sorry if I'm not bouncing around in excitement over this. Full feature list follows in the comments...

30-09-2003, 14:42:09
Features: Updated data for the 03/04 season
Updated competition structures for the 03/04 season
More intuitive training system - now handled on a single, clearly designed screen
In game printing enabling the player to print off screens from the game
Improved match engine - more commentary, better AI, weather effects and inclusion of visual status indicators
Pre-game database editor - full database editor to edit stats enabling the player to keep the data updated themselves.
Live cup draws
B & U21 International caps
Improved media - more frequent and informative feedback
Four new leagues over and beyond the original CM4
Past meetings information screen
Player to player relationships (i.e. indication of players and their relationships to other players, affects moral)
Improved scout reports (both player and team)
Improved injury news as well as an updated rehabilitation system
Goal of the month and season awards

30-09-2003, 14:42:14
Good thing I went back to 01/02. Live cup draws and past fixtures are awesome, the latter especially so after ten years.

30-09-2003, 14:42:31
I'm greatly underwhelmed by this news. Thanks for sharing it anyway, though. ;)

30-09-2003, 14:43:42
Hey, some of those features look good. In fact, pretty much all of them are good.

30-09-2003, 14:45:07
Yeah, I've really, really missed past meetings. spent ages trying to find it. :bash:

30-09-2003, 14:46:37
Goal of the Month awards could be cool, but it will likely pick them with no regard to logic or reason just like it does the World and European Footballer of the Year awards at present. What's the deal with that anyway? The Player of the Month and Young Player of the Month are always pretty accurately awarded based on performances, whereas the international honours are frequently a load of old bollocks. (In one game I was playing Jens Lehmann was world footballer of the year after conceding more than one goal a game and having a rating of only 7.10 - he wasn't even Arsenal's first choice for a couple of months of the season either. Raul came third after playing 60+ games and scoring 50+ goals with an average of nearly 8).

30-09-2003, 14:47:44
Originally posted by Sean
Hey, some of those features look good. In fact, pretty much all of them are good. Worth 30/35 though?

30-09-2003, 14:48:14
Ditto in 01/02. I ignore them, because by right my players should be winning more awards (although we do have Goalkeeper and Defender of the year sewn up).

30-09-2003, 14:50:14
Originally posted by Nav
Worth 30/35 though?
As I didn’t buy the last version, possibly.

30-09-2003, 15:29:27
I might have to import this final version, but I'll wait to hear word on it.

30-09-2003, 20:45:47
Damn...I thought this was about Combat Mission!!!

So....is this game any good, or what?
Do you actually play, or is it all trading and salary caps?

And does anyone know of a good PC or PS golf game that lets you design a course and then play it?

30-09-2003, 21:14:30
A GOOD one? No. That sort of game was all the rage just a few years back.

30-09-2003, 21:40:15
Hmmmm...not like Golf Course Tycoon, more like Golf Course Architect, with a strong play function.
Oh well...on second thought, playing golf on the computer seems pretty fucking pathetic.

30-09-2003, 22:11:11
Well, I remember SimGolf... the *first* one. A Maxis product, where you'd build your own golf courses, and then play them.

Didn't Links have Links Pro, which included an editor, so you could design your own courses, and then play them in Links?

01-10-2003, 00:17:22
I believe it was one of the later Links versions that had it. Don't remember which one.

Resource Consumer
01-10-2003, 08:48:35
This looks to be the game that CM4 should have been on release. OK, yeah, I'm a mug and will buy it.......

01-10-2003, 14:49:24
screenshots here btw http://www.sigames.com/news_view.php?act=2&id=717

01-10-2003, 15:22:22
Damn. Some of those screenies actually look quite exciting.

Makalele is playing as an FL in the pic of the Chelsea squad. :lol:

10-10-2003, 15:02:29
The Harry_Pontek is taking a deep breath and holds it in anticipation of this game.

10-10-2003, 15:08:17
Are there any skins for this game that put the Back button along the bottom, like in 01/02? Is it even possible? I can’t properly upgrade until that’s fixed.

10-10-2003, 15:14:45
The Harry_Potek believes that such exists but has not tried. Also exist are skins where the very annoying tick tape is removed. The Harry_Pontek recommends cmskins.com

10-10-2003, 15:41:15
The Harry_Potek's tenses are very confused.

10-10-2003, 15:48:14
Remind me to thank RC for this prick next time i see him

10-10-2003, 16:23:03
Who, maroule?

10-10-2003, 17:18:46

10-10-2003, 17:38:46
I'm sensing a pattern with RC and his invites.