View Full Version : You Like Samplers?

11-02-2002, 16:38:26
I find scene samplers a strangely appealing thing to litsen to. You get a bunch of relatively undestroyed bands "as is", freshness without greatness but with some sort of childish, appealing creativity. Beserkley Chartbusters, Sub Pop 200, No New York...

My current favourite (I've been harping on about it during the weekend, sorry...) is Jack White's compilation of the Detroit garage-blues scene, Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit. Ostensibly similar-sounding three-minute pieces of nonsense by relatively unknown artists mixed with one-minute instrumentals (all recorded at a single lesson in January last year), cheaply mixed and packaged, but nevertheless absolutely brilliant. This is rock being born. Wow.

11-02-2002, 17:15:08
If you like that you should hear more Unholy, it's the sound of Rock being murdered.