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22-09-2003, 11:16:35
Saw this film the other day as well, and it's an Excellent Film!

After a string of disapointments, bitter disapointments... I had given up on the British film industry as being a completely naf crap-factory, the denizens of which seemed to be of the opinion that because they are British, their miserable maudalin unimaginative bollocks with it's either/or modes of Posh-speaking fringe-tossing git-wankers from London/Northern-accented coal-miner social-commentary bilge that you have to wade through and say is 'good' because afterall it's British and not Hollywood.

Anyway, never mind if you didn't understand what I just ranted, because 28 Days Later has changed my opinion, it's a really good film that made me really scared. Luckily my girlfriend was there to hold my hand and reasure me that the nightmarishly desperate hordes of 'the Infected' weren't coming to get me.

I really can't remember the last time I was so grateful that the rest of human society exists, people, cultures, governments, nuclear powerstations... the lot, the whole modern human-world-thing (actually I do, once after reading Clay's Ark and also after reading The Triffids).

This film haunted my mind all weekend. Beutiful ending, and very sad when that nice guy gets... what he gets.


22-09-2003, 11:34:37
I'm with you on this. It's a great film. It is very british too.

22-09-2003, 11:48:15
I really liked it as well. :)

22-09-2003, 17:08:15
28 Days Later so reminded me of that Resident Evil movie at times ...

Needless to say I don't agree with you. It's not a bad movie ... but it's not really a good one either. And it wasn't scary either. :)

23-09-2003, 11:09:41
Fascinating.... you're in what we commonly reffer to as the "25th Percentile Group".

23-09-2003, 11:13:24
I wonder if that's something to do with its Britishness?

23-09-2003, 11:14:38

Or not?

I didn't like Pirates of the Caribbean either by the way. What does that make me?

23-09-2003, 11:31:04
I havent seen PotC yet so I don't know. However many people preffer to be in a minority, and are insulted by the idea of being described as 'normal'. Anyway being in a 25th Percentile Group is a relatively mild form of freakism (milder then being left-handed or gay), and much less conspicuous or demanding then being in a "1.5th Percentile Group" for instance.

23-09-2003, 11:41:19
Originally posted by Mightytree
I didn't like Pirates of the Caribbean either by the way. What does that make me?
Some who can see past Johnny Depp’s ‘performance.’

23-09-2003, 11:58:09
Ah. So basically it's the same as secretly liking a, say, Britney Spears song but not admitting it because it would be normal and mainstream. And we all know that how much cooler it is to not be normal. Hypocrisy.

The reason I don't think the movie was that great is because of that whole 'man wakes up in the hospital and finds out armageddon has taken place and fights against what has survived' theme. I just felt like I had seen it about 10 times before. And those human zombies really did remind me of Resident Evil somewhat (and that's not a good thing), although they certainly were a lot better done in 28DL.

It doesn't really have anything to do with its 'Britishness'. I don't even have a clue what that means in this case. The movie wasn't bad, it had its good moments and I agree it was scary at times. I certainly don't regret paying money for it at the cinema. But at the same time I don't really have the feeling I got a good deal either.

23-09-2003, 12:03:23
Originally posted by Sean
Some who can see past Johnny Depp's 'performance'.


To be honest, I only saw the first 30 minutes of it then I couldn't take it any more. I thought it was a pirate movie and not some sort of comedy bad acting kitsch blah thing.

30-09-2003, 01:49:30
The story line was completely unoriginal and prodictable but the film was pretty good. In fact I didn't even erase it from my hard drive after watching it. Instead I make it available for others on Kazaa to down load. :nervous:

08-10-2003, 13:44:42
Can't be better than Lifeforce?

18-10-2003, 15:47:46
Finally saw it. I pretty stand with Mightytree and my first conclusion. Lifeforce is better simply for the amusement of being so bad. The characters were good, but it wasn't scary or original. It doesn't really stand out. This type of movie has really been done to death. This, like Lifeforce, is something I don't mind seeing on cable every now and then, but I wouldn't want to pay money for it.

20-10-2003, 11:23:28
Who asked you.

Top film.

21-10-2003, 09:30:49
Lifeforce is better. :p

21-10-2003, 09:36:15
Never heard of it.