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18-09-2003, 13:43:31
there was a thread on it, somewhere

anyway, it's extremely good indeed, Bioware did a hell of a job adapting it's system to the console : it bears more than just a passing ressemblance with BG, and it will be instantly familliar to those who played it. Some dialogues/characters seem to come straight out of it.

it seems very open ended (I'm only stating however)

probably the best game on the xbox since halo (provided you like rpg of course)

21-09-2003, 22:12:48
i certainly will be buying it, but i'm bogged down with some other games at the mo

24-09-2003, 10:04:32
apparently Freedom Fighter is also very good on the xbox, so I'll get that, Temple of Elemental Evil is coming out on PC, so I'll get that too, I still have to play Korsun Pocket (PC wargame), and I have about 15 PBEM games of Combat Mission rolling at the same time (that's besides KOTOR of course and occasional dabbling with champ manager of course)

never had such a tight gaming schedule in my life

24-09-2003, 10:11:52
I played the demo of Freedom Fighter on the PC a few months ago. It was good fun. Not the most deep or original game in the world, but it was a classic concept that was very well-executed. Certainly worth renting for some rainy weekend at least.

Oh, and Temple of Elemental Evil is apparently full of bugs (yay Atari!) and is getting criticised by the fanboys because some content was cut on instruction from the censors. Make sure you do some research on it before buying.

24-09-2003, 10:34:17
yeah, I saw reports of bugs also
I'll give it a month so that they get their patches out
as for how faithfull they were to D&D rule 34.4.1 chapter 12, it's been 10 years I haven't played a paper RPG, so I'm less of a fanatic now :D ...

24-09-2003, 11:21:33
Originally posted by maroule
never had such a tight gaming schedule in my life


my worst mistake was starting to play UO again, now whole evenings disappear. I've hardly got going on final fantasy tactics advance, bought VF4 evolution recently, still playing pro evo soccer 2, still want to get back to CM4, still playing BF1942 desert combat, need to get back to Golden Sun on the GBA, have Robotech just sitting around for XBOX, and have Soul Calibur 2 about to arrive.

:cry: and it's supposed to be fun