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17-09-2003, 21:34:28
An excellent, excellent writer, more renowned for his film scripts than his novels.
He had a big influence on Charles Bukowski and was probably the bawdiest writer in the US in the '30's.
Very good "slice of life" stuff with some good, deadpan deliveries and gallows deadpan observations on human nature.
Check him out at
which is a top notch publisher who focuses on forgotten yet great writers.
Highly recommended. Your "big" bookstores carry his works, and Black Sparrow puts out a very attractively designed book, if that sort of thing matters to you.

18-09-2003, 21:16:09
Nobody's read this guy?
A pity...one of America's great writers, nearly forgotten.

18-09-2003, 21:18:52
Never even heard of him.

18-09-2003, 23:27:13
Well fuck you, then.

18-09-2003, 23:29:04
I'm sorry, that wasn't very nice.

19-09-2003, 07:28:39
I read 'my dog stupid' some years ago (a friend of mine is a big fan of Fante)
I just remember the guy with his Porsche and the writing style, very deadpan indeed, direct, 'flat' (ie non descriptive, with very few adjectives) and quite powerful/entertaining/jadded

19-09-2003, 07:29:50
oops sorry

I read 'me dog stupid' some years ago (a buckoo'mine be a big fano'Fante) I just remember t'guy with his Porsche and t'writin' style, very wentt'Davy Jones' lockerpan indeed, direct, 'flat' (ie non descriptive, with very few adjectives) and quite powerful/entertainin'/jadded"

19-09-2003, 16:42:59
County libraries have one of his books: The road to Los Angeles. Any good?

23-09-2003, 21:51:46
Actually, I'm reading it right now. It's main character is his "alter ego" so to speak, Arturo Bandini. It is pretty good and very odd, especially when you consider the raw stuff he's writing was in the 30's...which is why no publisher would touch it back then.
Check it out...I personally like "Ask The Dust" quite a bit.
And then, if you like him, then you'll have to start reading Charles Bukowski.

24-09-2003, 08:15:22
Originally posted by BigGameHunter

Check him out at

I went to check him out, but he's not listed under their catalogue...

24-09-2003, 10:54:20

Out of print though.

24-09-2003, 22:49:45
KG-- That's weird...hmmmm...check these out:


A link about his son, also a writer:

And how/where to buy in the UK:

I think you'll like him, really...

29-09-2003, 21:41:11
Ought to have mentioned I started reading The Road to Los Angeles. Annoying and fawning introduction aside, it’s a pleasure to read. Some great lines, too.

‘Nothing she could possibly say would ever disturb me. She was too ugly.’

‘My fame would increase. Crabs and women alike would arrive at one inevitable conclusion: that I was a terror, the Black Killer of the Pacific Coast, yet a terror respected by all, crabs and women alike: a cruel hero, but a hero nevertheless.’

29-09-2003, 22:50:32
Good! The crab killing scene was a bit odd, eh? But it fits the antagonist, that's for sure.

"Ask The Dust" is a bit more lyrical and poetic I think...more of a "story" that you can imagine as a film (which I think someone should do).

He's got a nice touch with phrasing, doesn't he?

13-10-2003, 21:43:48
I just finished it--it sure seems like a first novel.
Not that great, compared to his more refined stuff, really.
Still, I kept it in the crapper and it was good bathroom reading.
Get his later stuff and short story compilations if you can.