View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Trials

Scabrous Birdseed
14-09-2003, 21:26:19
I'm almost certain this has been posted before, but even if it has it's more difficult now with better physics and anyway it's good enough to be elevated to Free Game Of The Week status.

Trials is a game accurately modeling (in 2D) the activity of driving your motorbike over... stuff. After you fail pathetically a couple of times you might wanna read the instructions.

There's meant to be a standalone version with many more trakcs but I cannot find it. Also, the illegal version supplied by a bunch of IT students at Chalmers technical college in Gothenburg has been taken off-line, that had tons of tracks and bikes too.


Sir Penguin
15-09-2003, 18:02:27
Interesting loading screen.


Scabrous Birdseed
15-09-2003, 18:06:28
Actually it's a really crap loading screen. It doesn't show progress properly.

Sir Penguin
15-09-2003, 18:07:57
It's the idea that counts.


30-09-2003, 21:42:35
Only just got round to playing this as my good computer has been at the repair place. It's excellent. Short lived, but excellent.

22-10-2003, 15:33:45
I eventually got 20 seconds. :)