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*End Is Forever*
01-09-2003, 14:07:23
Launchcast (http://launch.yahoo.com/launchcast/)

This is surprisingly good... a bit hit or miss at first, but if you're prepared to trawl through the archives in a spare hour or two and rate lots of stuff, it becomes impressively good... certainly much better than I'd ever expect it could be. Even the adverts are amusing... :)

Iain's Lovely Radio Station (http://launch.yahoo.com/launchcast/station.asp?u=1225326192)

02-09-2003, 14:04:36
I discovered Launchcast years ago. It's nifty at first, then gets old. :D

*End Is Forever*
02-09-2003, 19:46:43
It's a godsend at work...