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28-08-2003, 15:55:50
Lots of lovely "in-progress" pictures from battlefront.com!!!!


Showing one of the new multi-turreted tanks.


no idea what these are. Looks like some sort of crusader


shermans in the desert


I think this is an italian large calibre AA gun but I could be wrong.


Italian light armor at an oasis


got to brits with hats like that.


Italy probably. Well its certainly not Tobruk.


4th panzer brigade on route to put their towels on the best sun-loungers.

for more pictures


28-08-2003, 16:05:55
Saw these in the bone thread there, very cool.

28-08-2003, 16:06:42
Bah just hurry up with the next version of the engine. Don't worry about pumping out mods.

28-08-2003, 16:31:10
yeah the new engine would be good but I rather like the idea of the africa/italy theatre.

So what is it you want in the new engine? - the graphics wont be that different, its mostly behind the scenes stuff.

Personally I would like some way to address the "Borg" spotting problem. At the moment the its too easy to have a good spotting unit like a HQ spot a firing AT gun and direct a buttoned tank half a mile away to target it directly when theres little chance the tank could spot it itself and even less that the HQ could tell the tank commander where it was. Would allow AT guns to survive slightly longer than they do now.

A bit more arty control would be nice too, ie setting the fire rate/number of shells to fire in a barrage. Similar things for infantry - allowing for harrasing fire without them burning all their ammo up.

29-08-2003, 15:18:21
Definitely like the idea of more artillery control, with the same thing being set for tanks as well.

I would expect some graphical improvements. Not necessarily Battlefield Command super 3D levels, but some improvement.

More control over how Quick Battles are set up giving to the AI. It currently sucks to set up a large battle and then spend 20 minutes setting up your troops. Yes, the AI won't ever get the set up perfect but perhaps some intelligent unit placement would be nice.

29-08-2003, 15:27:58
very exciting...

set up : IMO impossible for the AI to do an even decent job, and since your initial placement determines a shitload of what the battle will then look like, it's really better for you to spend the time on it (and studying the field). Needless to say, in defense, the initial placement is 90% of the game. But I'd like to have a different initial line up, though, when you take a battalion of infantry, it takes fucking ages just to sort out the platoons (as they are lined up at the bottom).

I can't wait for all the mods to come out, we'll soon after the release be able to play normandy to berlin thanks to CMAK, and probably BO will edge closer to obsolescence.

CMX : the next engine, not anytime soon, so let's enjoy this add on in the meantime

29-08-2003, 16:34:33
I'm not saying take away your ability to move the units. Just make the placements a little smarter. Put the tanks on the roads, group the platoons better. That kind of thing.

29-08-2003, 17:37:04
Originally posted by maroule
But I'd like to have a different initial line up, though, when you take a battalion of infantry, it takes fucking ages just to sort out the platoons (as they are lined up at the bottom).

Its probably easier to sort a random stack of cardboard counters than to sort your troops out for a battle after setup.