View Full Version : Reason 2 or 2.5

27-08-2003, 14:20:33
anyone got it? I've got the program but I need the sound banks for it to work. It's annoying me alot.

27-08-2003, 14:29:31
yeah i've got the program and no sound banks - they're fucking huge, a full cd rom's worth

a hell of a download if you can find it on kazaa or whatever you use

27-08-2003, 14:30:14
It's "a lot".


27-08-2003, 16:09:27
Hey Debaser, you've got broadband haven't you? If you download the soundbanks for me I'll let you off that tenner you owe me! Can't say fairer than tha...

fairer than th... than th....... th.... thaaaaa.............

27-08-2003, 16:54:34
But it's huge, it would take forever, and I've just had a look and can't even find it on Limewire.

27-08-2003, 17:01:50
I found it on Edokney easily. It would just take me about 24 hours to download rather than the one night it could possibly take you. You could set it up and then go to bed.

27-08-2003, 17:14:33
So could you.

There are a few things which claim to be cracks to stop it asking for the soundbank when you run it. Tried these?

27-08-2003, 17:19:24
Not much point really. Since the new sounds are the reason you upgrade.

I'll get it somehow. Surely someone has it?