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26-08-2003, 14:57:34
I want Reason and cubase to run more smoothly on my PC, I also want to be able to connect a keyboard via midi cables (which I am lacking).

What kind of sound card should I get and what would it cost?

26-08-2003, 15:09:02
Would it be the sound card that would make Cubase VST run smoothly or would I need a faster processor? SHould this bee in the geek forum?

26-08-2003, 15:17:30
Go to the geek forum...but more processor AND lots of memory are a great help for those kind of programs. You almost can't have too much.

Scabrous Birdseed
26-08-2003, 16:20:19
AFAIK the on-board memory on the soundcard allows you to record more stuff, or use more channels, or use bigger hardware samples*, or listen to MP3s and play game simultanously, or apply various hardware-based effects in real time, or simulate surround sound with two speakers, or have funky effects enhancements in games, not run programs more smoothly.

I've got a Creative Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1, which isn't particularly good, mainly 'cause it's fucking unreliable and the driver is weighed down by loads of useless junk. Apparently it's not just mine either, a dude I was talking to who was studying Audio Technology said they were all like that. A couple of nice things about it: the front panel where you can connect mikes and large-plug headphones and midi cables and stuff is very useful, the EAX sound effects in games are quite cool, the software package with legal Cubase etc. is decent.

Apparently they've got a better top-of-the-range card now, might wanna check that out. Or don't go with Creative Labs at all, I'm sure there are other good soundcards out there.

*My reason for chosing a snazzy soundcard.

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26-08-2003, 17:15:01
Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
or listen to MP3s and play game simultanously
I manage that just fine anyway :confused:.

Scabrous Birdseed
26-08-2003, 19:28:17
My old soundcard wouldn't play other sounds at all while an MP3 was running. But then it was an ancient pre-PCI AWE32.

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27-08-2003, 06:39:33
I got this, it's excellenthttp://www.americas.creative.com/products/product.asp?product=251&category=462&maincategory=462

27-08-2003, 10:42:37
Originally posted by protein
Would it be the sound card that would make Cubase VST run smoothly or would I need a faster processor? SHould this bee in the geek forum? I stopped using the computer for making music because I was caught in the Bermuda triangle of Software/Hardware/Drivers. In general I recommend more RAM and a faster processor. If you use virtual synthesizers the sound is usually modeled using the processor, not the sound ship of the sound card. For example can you create a WAV file using virtual synthesizers without having a sound card ... If you want to use LOTS of virtual synthesizers and virtual effects you need a REALLY BIG machine.
However, I recommend to use external MIDI devices. It's far more difficult to control, because you may have to program MIDI SysEx messages to control the devices. On the other side you don't need the computer to process MIDI files: you could use a MIDI file player as a Yamaha MDF or a hardware sequencer (I use a Yamaha QY-700) to play or edit the files. You see this will cost a lot of money, but I prefer it that way because:

* I always had sync problems using a computer
* The sound quality was poor (hissing/humming noises)
* I love to turn all the knobs and to press all the buttons

Especially the sequencer is a great tool, because the keyboard was designed to enter musical data.