View Full Version : The new genre "Wank"

22-08-2003, 09:54:40
should contain the following bands:

*End Is Forever*
22-08-2003, 10:44:09
The Darkness :smoke:

22-08-2003, 19:29:39
The cream

22-08-2003, 19:57:48
What's wank sound like? Mainstream teen angsty pop grunge "All life sucks, so I should just go and wank!" or is it a mainstream punk sound (I remember a mainstream punk being call "Wank" a long while ago... but that might be another senior moment ;) )

Scabrous Birdseed
22-08-2003, 20:21:19
The most frank song about masturbation I've ever heard is "Ronka" (ie. "Wank") by classic-punk band The Perverts. But no, what I think the genre should be is musical wanking in some way. Possibly Screw music done by only one person.

22-08-2003, 20:23:22
Wank music seems to me to be .... well, most fitting for musical wanking as well. So what does that fall into? If you imagine it's just one person wanking around with their music, that's be techno, wouldn't it? Or Zorpa with his techno background and his pan flutes... ;)

Provost Harrison
22-08-2003, 20:30:41
Isn't there a song by Therapy? called 'Masturbation Saved My Life'...I think I can understand that sentiment ;)