View Full Version : How do I get into BIOS setup in Windows XP?

I Am Not Jon Miller
19-08-2003, 19:04:25
I'm trying to get into BIOS setup in Windows XP, but the screen isn't showing anything like "press 'delete' to enter setup" or "press 'f1' to enter setup" or whatever. I've tried the usual key combinations, but no dice. What the fuck?

19-08-2003, 20:05:56
You trying to get into the "Safe Mode" and such, or the BIOS? I'm only asking cause you say XP...

Each computer motherboard will have their own bios... Usually to get in, it's like F2, F10, F12. Sometimes, it's odder keys, like the ESCAPE key... I am guessing, you want into that BIOS.

It might help if you told people what version info shows up on your screen when you first turn on the computer. Should get at least some info on screen before it goes into the Windows XP loading screen.

I Am Not Jon Miller
19-08-2003, 21:13:05
It's going straight to the XP load screen -- doesn't show anything prior to that.

19-08-2003, 21:22:43
What's the make of your computer? motherboard? BIOS? Whatever you know, post here. Might prove helpful to our serious tech savvy posters, so they could make better guesses/suggestions to you about this.

Sir Penguin
19-08-2003, 21:23:37
Look for a little jumper on the motherboard that's labelled CMOS or BIOS. Either remove it, connect the pins, or move the jumper to another configuration, depending on common sense (the motherboard manual should have charts and diagrams and stuff). Leave it for a minute or so, and replace the jumper. That sets your BIOS back to the factory configuration, and will most likely force you to enter the BIOS setup during bootup (of course, if it doesn't, then you're screwed). Alternatively, remove all your hard drives. I don't know if that would work, but it's fun anyway.


I Am Not Jon Miller
19-08-2003, 21:33:59
Got it working -- the problem was that it gave me less time to enter setup than I'm used to (I've got about a half second in which to get into setup after the numlock/capslock/scrolllock lights flash on the keyboard). The entry is either f1, delete, or esc -- I dunno which, I hit them all. Wizzute.

19-08-2003, 21:36:55

I have always disliked the change to half second pause...