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16-08-2003, 11:38:59
When Drekkus bought up Civ1 in a thread the other day which I promptly hijacked abit into a thread about Civ2 it got me itching to revisit the old classic. So, I had to buy a new copy and whack it onto my machine.

And it's still as good a game as it was back then, in some ways it actually felt like the peak of the genre, better then Civ3PTW and CtP, although you can't really compare it to SMACX to say it's better then that. Somehow it's still the most efficient and succinct civ game out there, with no extraneous bullshit loading it down.

Anyway, if you revisit the game you might be alarmed at first (as was I) by the simplistic graphics and everything but bear with it and it'll aaall come back to you.

I've always felt the graphic for the Fundamentalist unit looked like an angry Moses burning a handkerchief, so I nipped over to that other forum and found a suitable replacement (looking nicely like an AK47 weilding Mujahadeen) Now the game is better then ever, took me two hours to finally break the 'just one more turn' cycle, and I felt like a grown-up while I played it.

Partizans Rule!

The Mad Monk
16-08-2003, 13:16:25
Welcome back. :)

16-08-2003, 16:51:59
Hmmmm...I was obsessed with making WWII scenarios in CivII. In fact, Civ2 is the entire reason I'm even a gamer and surfer now. I don't know if that is a good thing or not!
I bought the game on a whim, became totally taken with it, came on the internet to look for information and ended up at Poly, which then led to ACOL, here, and a pretty major net addiction.
I haven't played it in ages...and don't really feel like it...but maybe I should give it a shot again.

18-08-2003, 13:13:35
Definately do, you are suffering from something I get sometimes, obsessivity-burnout. After a cuople years or five you should be ready to dive right back in there (turning your back on friends and family once more) ;)

18-08-2003, 14:35:40
I haven't played it in a while. I'd like to play the WWII scenario again. A whole game will get me tangled up in the city micromanagement. But CivII is a good game to get my megalomane ambitions pumping.

18-08-2003, 14:43:07
Arrr. I prefer Tropico 2.

18-08-2003, 19:14:50
Arrr. That Mary Read is as fine a pirate lass as you'll ever see.

18-08-2003, 19:23:20
Fellas, not until 19th of Sept... ;)


18-08-2003, 19:44:08
:lol: I can't wait!

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19-08-2003, 12:46:18
What the....

19-08-2003, 14:42:20
Admit it! You are the Duty Manager!