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Resource Consumer
13-08-2003, 14:56:10
Proposals have been made in the site issues forum to rename this one from "technical" which sounds a bit dry to "Technoglow" or "Techglow".

Hence this poll which I'll set to close after a month - it is August after all.

Oi, Management, can we sticky this too please?

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
13-08-2003, 15:26:26
How's about Nerdville?

Scabrous Birdseed
13-08-2003, 17:00:42
Yeah, what happened to "The Geek Forum" that everyone endorsed last time?

13-08-2003, 18:34:23
Everyone endorsed having a forum to discuss computerish stuff. Not everyone agreed to call it "Geek Forum". Especially not the guy who created the forum.

Now, if we did more Geek Culture type stuff here, rather then just the oddball geekiod data squel, then I'd agree with you. But since the geeks discuss their gaming in Games (and main), and their music in Main (and Music), and their literary wonderings in Fiction (and Main)... we just don't have enough of those cultural undertones here for it.

Scabrous Birdseed
13-08-2003, 21:28:52
Real geek's don't play games/listen to music/read books except "Hack the FBI Website"/the sound of a 9600 bbaud modem starting up/python reference bibles.

13-08-2003, 21:36:03
Real Geeks don’t play games? How do they know whether to buy GeForce or Radeon?

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
13-08-2003, 22:00:45
Quake Three demo benchmarks.

No longer Trippin
15-08-2003, 00:19:49
There will be a doom bench... the alpha that was leaked ran best on g2's, as that was what they designed them around at first. The recommended will be a G3 for the card, don't know about the processor, though the min is above 1ghz IIRC. So a 2 ghz system with 512+ of ram and a G4 or 9000 should run the game just fine long as the card has 128 megs onboard memory. 64 will cause it to run into the AGP APeture buffer to often, thus slow it down.

Q3 benches don't even test D8 software, they now use codecreatures or UT2k3 benches or 3Dmark 2003. Though as shown by nvidia optimizing their drivers, the benches on 3D mark aren't accurate.. they got called on it just cause they wouldn't pay 3D mark, and futuremark (which make 3D mark) eventually retracted that nvidia cheated after nvidia mentioned that if they would have paid them 100,000 to be on the development team, they could have tweaked them with no complaints (thats what ATI did and didn't get called on it - though they did one time earlier when they weren't paying futuremark 100G's). The best bench is gaming benches that are released. Doom3's should be out early next year, though maybe before christmas. HL2, I havent heard of anything other than nvidia cards will do AA horiibly as they will have to use extra shader bandwidth - thus suffer even larger hits than usual. Though the 5900 Ultra will take the least hit, that still won't make those who shelled out 500 bucks for it happy.

17-08-2003, 15:23:36
Geek Forum

17-08-2003, 15:55:07
I think the 'ayes' 'ave it. :)

18-08-2003, 19:18:15
Technophile, SciTech, The things that really matter in life.

Where's the banana option?