View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Space Dudes

Scabrous Birdseed
11-08-2003, 08:35:04
On a lesser site they would have waited until, say, wednesday to post this week's FGOTW. Just 'cause the last one was posted six days late. Balderdash! They're not going to get me to change my ways just for the sake of appearances.

An unkind man might call Space Dudes another Robotron clone. Certainly, it involves moving a unit around and shooting at an increasing stream of... stuff. The controls make it a way different experience though. Move your thingie with the mouse, shoot at stuff in eight directions using your arrow keys. Fun!


11-08-2003, 10:53:50
On my first go I got to level 25 and scored 17628 (difficulty: Easy)

Fun game.

11-08-2003, 19:48:11
Level 14 17225 (normal)