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Scud Wallaby
06-02-2002, 21:31:30
One of my plans for Valentines Day is to burn a CD for my girlfriend with 5 or 6 tracks on it that really send shivers. It's hard to describe what i'm thinking of. Tracks like maybe Sarah McLachlan "I love you"; Chantal Kreviazuk "Feels like home" that sort of thing.

I don't really want the all time famous love songs, like Eternal Flame or Endless Love - not that they're not good (or something...), but they're easy choices. I want them to be the type of tracks that show i've thought about them (even if you may have thought of them...)

Strange request as everyone has different tastes but any ideas would be gratefully considered :beer:

Yours sincerely,


*End Is Forever*
06-02-2002, 22:35:28
Sweat (A La La La La Long) by Inner Circle... :lol:

Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

*End Is Forever*
06-02-2002, 22:37:48
Serious suggestion -

Jimmy Eat World - For Me This Is Heaven

06-02-2002, 22:43:24
Hmmm... not sure I can help. Those kinds of songs are a bit too specific for me. I associate them too much with each individual girl.

Scud Wallaby
06-02-2002, 23:06:45
Originally posted by *End Is Forever*
Serious suggestion -

Jimmy Eat World - For Me This Is Heaven

Just downloading it now - thanks (i'll let you know what I think ;) )

Originally posted by MikeH
Hmmm... not sure I can help. Those kinds of songs are a bit too specific for me. I associate them too much with each individual girl.

Yeah - I know what you mean - we have our songs, but i'm looking for something else that she hasn't heard before - not something that'll even become our song, more her song... (pretty much what you just said in fact)


06-02-2002, 23:25:31
"Love will keep us together" The Captain and Taneille. :p

07-02-2002, 13:10:46
Perfect Circle, by REM. Not really a love song, but I think it fits what you're looking for.

Last Beat of My Heart by Siouxie and the Banshees. This IS a love song, but also a very different kind of one. The live version from Lollapalooza (available on their second compilation album, Twice Upon a Time) is probably the best.

07-02-2002, 13:23:58
Jackson Browne writes some of the best love songs IMO
Ryan Adams - Firecracker
Can't take my eyes off of you
Crash into me - DMB

Safe and Sound - Hawksley Workman ( this is a lovely song)

07-02-2002, 13:41:04
This is hardcore - Pulp
Party on your pussy - The red hot chilli peppers
A bitch is a bitch - NWA
Your arse my place - Elastica
Make up your mind (Do you want to pump the butt) - Kool Keith

that should set the appropriate mood :D

ok seriously -
i don't know if your missus has seen Magnolia, but i think Aimee mann's soundtrack to that is stunning. 'Wise up' and 'Save me' are beautiful songs.

07-02-2002, 14:23:07
Probably too well-known:

Ken Boothe - Everything I Own

Scud Wallaby
07-02-2002, 20:40:53
Thanks all :D

Some great suggestions - unfortunately *End is Forever* I couldn't d/l your suggestion, but i'm still on the lookout - once I get Morpheus set back up on my machine - thanks anyway.

Captain & Taneille walrus? Lovely :D

Guy - Good suggestions - I couldn't get the Siouxie track but I think I remember it from my punk era - it's the sort thing I could really shiver too, but maybe not my girlfriend ;) Perfect Circle - great song (reminds me of another track - can't quite get it though). It might make it onto the CD. Thanks.

Posterboy - couldn't get DMB unfortunately but will keep trying. Hawksley Workman - i've never heard of them before but I like this track - this'd be the sort of track i'd play if we were driving on a sunny day :cool: (In fact i've just noticed the lyrics would probably fit that scenario... bugger... dodgy download, it cuts out after 3.57 - i'll try anf get that again) Firecracker's being very stubborn about downloading but i'll get the little bugger ;) Cheers

King_Ghidra - The first 5 - nice :cool: but not quite... y'know. Now the Aimee Mann tracks! Thank you sir - exactly the sort of thing I was looking for :beer: Cheers.

Snapcase - actually a great idea. I'll make this the last track on the CD - great idea :D

Cheers people - more suggestions would still be appreciated :D


Scud Wallaby
07-02-2002, 20:41:36

Just call me Smilie O'Reilly!


07-02-2002, 21:26:07
Orgy ... The The.

Oh, guess I'm too late. :)

Scud Wallaby
07-02-2002, 21:31:31
Originally posted by OldWarrior_42
Orgy ... The The.

Oh, guess I'm too late. :)

Yeah... I reckon she'd love that one :love: (maybe i'll try and add it to the very end... like one of these secret tracks at the far end of some albums) :cool: