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No longer Trippin
05-08-2003, 05:22:34
Well my 21" trinitron monitor decided to die, with smoke to boot. Opened it up, and it was from the electron guns - thus no easy fix like replacing the PCB board, which means I have to send it in, though it's under warranty, but it's heavy as hell and I had to insure it - also will be waiting about a month at minimum before it is back. Right now I'm using an Acer 17" that just fucking sucks (had to get that from a friend who had a spare monitor as my spare I found out was dropped). I've tried all settings, brightness, contrast, kelvin, R,G,B and also any options I can use from the graphics card as well... yet to get full contrast (meaning I can see the grey lines on the CG forums), anything that is white, like an open office document is like staring into a damned flashlight, anything that is on the darker side of grey is completely black if I don't opt for having a flashlight for a monitor. Started off even worse until I adjusted the color levels. Just can't get contrast for shit. To top it off it is a bit blurry to boot and tops out at 60hz - eyestrain city here I come. If the monitor did this 3 months ago at least I wouldn't have had to shell out the money for shipping, but since it didn't happen then, well let's just say it wasn't cheap and now that I'm having to use this monitor I've gone from disgruntled to completely pissed off. The ONLY good thing I can say about the monitor is the screen if virtually flat. I knew I should have kept my LCD I used as a secondary display - looked better and was bigger to boot. Had another CRT, but it was dropped by my mom since she didn't think of asking to use it when it was collecting dust when I was here, so she waited until I moved to move it herself - and she dropped it. So now I'm having to use this piece of shit (made in 2001 surprisingly for how piss poor the image quality is). Man, I can see why some people love LCD's and say they are so great, with garbage like this around it isn't hard to top it. Man this thing is shit.

05-08-2003, 08:22:54
Is it contageous....?
Just got my Viewsonic flatscreen back from the same fate, dead with smoke..

Luckily it only took ten days from the time it died till I reconnected it this morning, they picked it up, fixed it, and got it back with absolutely no fuss, and no charges.
I too was glad to get rid of my spare, a 15" Mag. I thought I'd got tunnel vision or something.

05-08-2003, 16:07:58
Originally posted by No longer Trippin
Well my 21" trinitron monitor decided to die, with smoke to boot. Sorry to hear that, NLT.
I once read that all electronic devices work on smoke. Once the smoke is out of the machine, it stops working. :D

05-08-2003, 20:57:10
That sucks Trip! Well, at least you have a spare, even if it is shitty.

No longer Trippin
05-08-2003, 21:30:24
The bloody monitor can blind me even with the lights on in the room, and they are fairly bright. If I turn them off and leave a desklamp on like usual I can't even look at the monitor when there is excessive amounts of white on the screen - though that is the only way I can see dark details. Hell, the monitor is even reverting to 11000 kelvin (highest it goes), so it just makes it harder to look at the screen... I have to run at 800x600 to be online to read anything without killing my eyes, though I can get by in gaming at 1280x1024. Hell, my 10 year old fifteen inch looks better than this, just the curve on the screen is extreme, but it supports the same resolutions and color levels and is much crisper... I may just swap that one out even though I hate the bloody curve on it as it is fairly excessive.

I've never seen the a gun though burn up like that. I was lucky it didn't blow the screen from overheating the tube as I'm close enough for anything that bounces back from the implosion to hit my face. Checked the voltage regulators - they are all in spec. Checked the line voltage coming in, level. This truly pisses me off. Even had an a spare ATX PSU (100 watt) that I had found which I had rigged to come on when my computer starts as I had to 120mm fans up top pushing air out and the sides were easily open enough for good airflow - so the inside was cool (didn't want to lose a 700 dollar monitor), seems that didn't bloody matter as I had a defective gun. The cabling to the array was melted and looks like it lit up as well. I know sony's stuff is mostly garbage now, though most of their stuff used to be great, now it isn't. The only lines that had maintained quality were their CRT's for home and computer use - I'm now starting to doubt that as well.

05-08-2003, 21:40:46
I'm a bit worried about the combination of "opened it up" and "under warranty" in your first post Trip.

You could get screwed.

No longer Trippin
06-08-2003, 23:47:31
I checked for tear tags even though i've seen them opened before. Looked for anything on the inside that would show them that it had been opened, didn't find anything. Not even a pressure pin that the shell would sit on - as that would be the only internal way to do it... the stickers would have to be on the outside, I had none on mine.

We've had techs pull them apart before for loose cables... thus I knew they had no tear tags or anything inside that would show it's been opened. They've also sent seveal in that they've opened with no problems. Generally only HDD's have protection like that which will void your warranty as those can be rendered useless easily by opening them up - thus they make it hard to open and have a bunch of stickers which say warranty void if removed over certain areas that you'd need to tear the sticker or strip off to get into the HDD.