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I Am Not Jon Miller
04-08-2003, 02:04:55
This is a Final Fantasy fanfic that I wrote. I'm still working on Part 2.

One day Terra was walking through the park when suddenly she saw Tifa.

"Hey Tifa," said Terra.

"Hey Terra," said Tifa.

The two girls kissed and made out for awhile, and then Terra said "goodbye" to Tifa and kept walking.

But little did Terra suspect that Yuffie had stolen her trousers while she had been making out with Tifa!

So Terra didn't have any pants, and was sort of embarrassed about being forced to flaunt her love pudding to the entire world. It was fine to show Tifa her womanhood, but the last thing that Terra wanted was for Celes to see her quimmy goodness.

Just then, Celes showed up, and laughed and pointed at Terra's partial nudity.

"Tee hee hee, I see that you are not wearing any trousers," said Celes.

"You shut up," said Terra.

Then the two girls make out, and clambaked one another until their loin juices had sufficiently cooled their tempers.

"Yowza," said Celes, "that was some hot lesbian sex."

But then Celes noticed that her trousers were also missing now, and she wept in shame.

"Oh no," said Celes, "if Aeris sees that I have rectal warts then she will be so mad that she will no longer want to lick my hynie!"

Just then Aeris happened by the two half-naked women, and gasped.

"Terra, Celes, you are missing your trousers!"

Terra and Celes then noticed that Aeris was also not wearing any pants.

"Aeris," they said in unison, "you are also missing your trousers!"

And then all three girls made out with each other, and Tifa joined in and also had her trousers stolen in the process, and the four girls all had hot steamy lesbian sex for the next, like, five hours or something. Tifa, being a thief, had recently robbed an adult toy shop and came equipped with multiple tentacles and buttplugs and other assorted necessities. Celes was well pleased, because now she could be violated without running the risk of transmitting her rather embarassing venereal disease to the other girls.

Then after they had finished having sex with their various whips and chains and handcuffs and whatnot, they all vowed to retrieve their trousers or die trying.

"This shall not stand!" cried Tifa.

"I agree," said Celes. "Unless I retrieve my trousers quickly, then Setzer will see that I am not a natural blond, and he will be very mad and might not give me what for for another week or worse!"

The other three girls commiserated with Celes's plight, for they well knew that Setzer was not beyond demanding that Celes bleach her pubic mound. So they all went to Yuffie's secret hideout, where they were assaulted by tentacle demons.

"Oh no," said Terra, "tentacle demons!" And with that one of the demons filled her honey pot with its gargantuan love machine.

"No, not in my poop chute," said Tifa. "I nearly came the last time you filled me."

Several hours later the tentacle demons' seed was spent, and they let the girls go. So the girls finished walking up the long path to Yuffie's evil castle hideout thing.

They came to the front door of the castle, and rang the doorbell. "Who dares to ring my doorbell?" roared Yuffie. "It's us," said the girls, "we want our trousers back, it's getting a bit drafty." "I didn't steal your trousers," said Yuffie. "Yes you did," said the girls. "Oh, okay, come on in and get your trousers back," said Yuffie. Then the front door to the evil castle opened as if by magic or remote control or whatever.

And there the girls saw Yuffie sitting atop a throne of trousers. "Grrr," said Tifa, "you have stolen your last pair of trousers, you fiend." "Don't be mad," said Yuffie. And so all five girls had hot sex, and when they stopped several hours later they noticed that the trouser throne was missing, and so were Yuffie's trousers. "Oh no," they all said, "now there is a new trouser thief! Alas!"


The Mad Monk
16-08-2003, 13:20:49
It sorta reminds me of WENDY (http://www.wendycomic.com/)