View Full Version : Sony declares it will put Game Boy out of business...

31-07-2003, 06:32:26
...with their future handheld game machine, the PSS (PlayStation Small). It's a supped up PlayStation, fitted into a handheld case. Sony has said that the CPU will be 10x better then a PlayStation, have Blue Tooth, blah blah blah.

Of course, Sony made the same announce about they would kill of Nintendo in console games, and they've pretty much succeeded at that.

No longer Trippin
31-07-2003, 07:15:46
Well with nintendo only catering to little kids pretty much, their market segment doesn't last nearly as long as the PS2 or the XBox... once the kid can walk he wants rid of the gamecube and wants one of the others.

31-07-2003, 07:30:17
Unless he's King Ghidra?

31-07-2003, 11:24:48
Hooray, it’s the return of the Gamecube-is-for-kids stereotype! Possibly because it is small, and cheap, and has lots of games that are fun yet somehow don’t involve blood and guts?

31-07-2003, 11:54:24
Originally posted by Darkstar
Unless he's King Ghidra?

You're mistaken, i do not own a gamecube. I do own a ps2 and an xbox. I also own a gameboy advance emulator, which has probably given me more gaming pleasure this year than those other two consoles.
I would like a gamecube but i can hardly justify it.

No longer Trippin
31-07-2003, 19:51:08
That's because for how long has Nintendo catered fairly strictly to a younger audience in terms of graphics design? I'm not saying they make games that aren't fun. But to a kid, and most teenagers, what do they want to see. Mario bouncing around like an epileptic raver or some game where they can wield a gun and shoot at people (not at some odd cutesy looking enemy). Nintendo has always had great gameplay - the others haven't - but they cater to the majority f the market - the mindless who need blood, guts, and big explosions for it to be worthwhile - not to mention a healthy dose of marketting hype - something nintendo has been negletting for all but the gameboy. Hell, my little cousin has a gamecube - sure the games looked childish due to artwork, but if you ripped the graphcs out and thrown in something similar to what your avg. PS-2 or xbox would have (at it's hardware level), you'd have essentially the same type of game, only with better gameplay. Nintendo has just cornered itself with a nitch image and they haven't done enough to get rid of it at all. Though with who owns it, and his predilection with making little kids happy (nothing wrong with it), is seriously hampering any effort to change that image.

It's not one is a kid's toy in my eye, but one is seen as a kids toy by a majority of it's potential market - that is the problem. Gameplay aside... kids go for marketting, sports, and blood and guts. Nintendo barely has much for sports left compared to it's compeditors which offer sports with the other two for a combo which works great at realing kids and teenagers in - which is a large share of the market. Yes, you have older as well, but they generally head in the same direction as the teenagers, though a bit more sports oriented compared to blood and guts - though the marketting hype is still a large factor. I can't recall many gamecube only commercials - the most recent one was an add-on to the cube for gameboy games... that's a waste of add money since most kids realize that it will look like garbage if the screen is any bigger. 21" inches at gameboy resolution must make peoples eyes bleed for crying out loud... is it a new version of tetris or is it a game I'd be seeing... I would think of tetris. Dumb idea, yet they poor tons into marketting it - and you have to have a gamecube to begin with. So it doesn't really get many new buyers. They need to really show what they have that will grab a teenager for 30 seconds in terms of games. Color changes to the shell, gameboy tie-ins, and showing Zelda games isn't going to work - and it is showing.

31-07-2003, 20:16:58
KG, I know that. I was just poking fun at your Pokemon obsession. All the cool kids play DigiMon. ;)