View Full Version : I'm thinking about reformating my laptop

28-07-2003, 20:42:55
Lately, it's been reporting the oddest things being viruses. For instance, I ended up downloading some updated to Windows Media Player 9, and it reported half of the media sample files as virus (some .em and eml format).

My AV (Anti-Virus) has declared a few other odds and ends 'viruses', even though when I set it to do a full sweep, it won't turn up those 'virus' files it is listing in the pop-up alert. (I delete them anyways...)

If it was a real virus, I'd expect to catch it if the pop-ups work. Not sure how it could stealth itself from a full scan, but get caught by the pop-up feature.

Other then that, my XP seems to be doing fine. But it is quite stuffed (36 Gig on a 40 Gig HD). Of course, I just completed a serious back of the stuff I'm interested in keeping before all this trouble started, so I don't think I'd really lose anything with a complete rebuild.

No longer Trippin
29-07-2003, 03:53:33
What anti-virus are you using? I use Norton and AVG (it's free and it is good).

It's probably something to do with the update you installed on media player since it is catching them on the pop up - it probably isn't seeing the files for what they are - or is it giving you a definite virus - as it is telling you what you have? Since it's only the popup, it just sounds like your AV and WMP don't like playing together.

What virus if it is giving specifics? I'd check symantec to make sure it isn't a bios virus or a known conflict before going through all that trouble, also would hit MS knowledge database up to see if they've identified a conflict as well.

Damn DS, you mention backups, and now your computer acts up. You have some bad luck with computers.

29-07-2003, 06:50:10
Well, I mentioned backups cause I just spent a while doing my To USB backups, and wondered what other people did.

I didn't write down the virus. If it pops up again, I will. Has been behaving since my laptop went to 'sleep'.

No longer Trippin
29-07-2003, 07:38:51
I only used the hotswap bay as I had one - if I had to go strickly backup, it would probably be firewire tape

29-07-2003, 07:50:07
You shouldn't trust tape. They tend to give more problems then most people believe. These days, just firewire or USB 2 your HD to an external... that's what I think would be easiest...

No longer Trippin
29-07-2003, 17:58:49
Well thanks for the advice DS... I never did backup to one tape anyhow when I used to (That massive 1 gig tape LOL). Always did make two copies as tape never was the most reliable of things. Just too much info for CD or DVD-R at least without spanning. Well the drives still have a bit under 2 years left on the warranty, so they aren't in need of being replaced anytime soon

29-07-2003, 21:20:51
Well, tape is bad to stretch, making data unreadable. It has a bad habit of snapping, ruining the tape, etc. Especially if it is reused, which is standard.

We use tape here for backup, and 5 out of 6 tape backups are BAD, when its time to do a restore. You can imagine how nice it is to have to go 6 backups up (on average) to restore a crashed and corrupted database... think about it.

No longer Trippin
30-07-2003, 03:58:35
damned.. i'll stick with good ole wd and their jb series drives then

30-07-2003, 04:02:42
Thought I'd warn you...

No longer Trippin
30-07-2003, 04:30:53
thanks... they have 2 years as I had said anyhow on them for warranty... I'm sure 120+ gig data transferrs do great things for life expectancy though.