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28-07-2003, 18:55:54
Just for Maroule, since he seems keen to talk about it.

BB4 - US is underway here. Now, according to CBS (the network sponsoring/doing it here), the shagging between David and Amanda that occured last week is the first ever actual sex in any show on US Television, ever.

According to the BB2 US and BB3 US contestants, that's not true, as they fucked, sucked, tea-bagged, and a whole slew more interactions between contestants. Just they did it all under covers... (which is why BB took out the IR cameras it had in Season 1 - US here.)

Now, I personally find BB to be hilarious. There's always at least ONE girl who says she's firmly committed to her outside relationship, but who runs around and starts giving out handjobs, hummers, and offering the use of all of her orifices to anyone in the house that needs one. And they are always so surprised that their boyfriends outside break up with them over it.

29-07-2003, 13:34:52
There's been no sex in the BB UK house. An alleged blowjob under the covers in series 3 is the most that's happened.

We're about the only country where there's been no shagging.

The US show is showing here, very different from the UK program. Here when people get evicted there's a huge live eviction show with crowds of screaming people, and no nomination discussions are allowed between the housemates. The US one seems more liks Survivor.

29-07-2003, 13:53:01
The French one is exceedingly boring

I'm interested in the african one though, firstly it's changing perception around (inside africa - contestants are from different countries and that actually helps fighting stereotypes) secondly because they actually film the 'shower hour', which always explodes audience scores. We don't see enough naked african chicks on TV.

29-07-2003, 14:01:15
Can you take an hour in the shower of power?

29-07-2003, 14:20:02
Can you glimse at a glimmer of the golden shower?

29-07-2003, 14:22:50
can you guzzle at the goblet of the golden gorge?

29-07-2003, 21:51:56
Here, CBS changed BB around to be as much like Survivor as possible,

In Year 1, the public decided who got booted. That kept everyone in the house nice and civil to each other, and kissing up to the 'viewing audience'. Obviously, unsuitable to CBS, as it was only of serious interest to the house moms/soccer mom crowd.

So after that, to get all that backstabbing, alliances, and alliances inside alliances and counter backstabbing action going on, they lifted as much from Survivor as possible. The series has done much better for it, with US audience. Or so say the buzz rags...