View Full Version : I just won a small victory over Windows.

25-07-2003, 20:09:58
I had a PCtel based modem that I replaced with a no-name Conexant HSF. The PCtel barely works under Linux. The Conexant HSF Windows driver situation is so bad that the generic driver does not work with some cards, one of which is the Conexant HSF based modem I happen to have. So I could not find a suitable driver and decided to use the Conexant HSF under Linux and the PCtel under Windows. Two cheapie modems are still less expensive than the external modem I had that got taken out by lightning.

So, I re-add my PCtel only to discover that it didn't work any longer. To make a long story short, I found out that the HSP driver is so bad that it messes up Windows' list of INF files, so it could have also taken out the PCtel's INF. So I gradually figured out that INFs and PNFs starting with the letters "oem" are those that were installed by the user. So I uninstalled all modems, then moved all modem INFs and PNFs to a different directory. I restarted the machine, and installed the PCtel driver when prompted. The other modem, I left as an unknown device.

So far it works. :)